Academic journal article Nursing Education Perspectives

No Time for Stage Fright or Fight

Academic journal article Nursing Education Perspectives

No Time for Stage Fright or Fight

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From the Editor

WE'RE IN THE SPOTLIGHT NOW - CENTER STAGE! Never before has there been such public attention paid to the nursing profession. As nurses, we continue to congratulate each other on the fact that Johnson & Johnson has taken up our cause. After all, the corporation's investment in nursing of $20 million over the next two years says to the public that nursing is an important career.

From the first ads that appeared on prime-time television during the Winter Olympics, to the continuing portraits of real nurses in spotlight ads, this recruitment campaign is an important acknowledgement of who we are and what we do. But Johnson & Johnson's investment also acknowledges for nurses what we have known all along - we need help in translating our message to the world.

We all know that this nursing shortage is like no other. Daily we experience the frustrations of nurses in the hospitals who are tired, overworked, and underappreciated. Within the academic hallways we know that we are getting older, and that too few of us are available to expand our nursing education programs. So, when Johnson & Johnson took up our cause and took our message public, we were all a little relieved. We needed the respite from the past several years of toiling in the trenches of nursing education and nursing care delivery.

Now the government is on our side as well. Our cause is receiving additional attention -- and, hopefully, additional funding - at the federal and state levels. Statewide and regional planning programs for nursing are becoming common. When the model is one of collaboration, we can expect success.

There remains, however, the reality of our history, our past struggles of competition between and among nursing organizations. I have already heard rumblings as nursing organizations attempt to capture the limelight and capitalize on the current momentum to advance their own cause, more than the cause of the profession. …

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