Academic journal article Financial Services Review

Investigating the Role of Financial Services Review at the Intersection of Finance and Financial Planning with Contributor-Based Interjournal Communication Analysis

Academic journal article Financial Services Review

Investigating the Role of Financial Services Review at the Intersection of Finance and Financial Planning with Contributor-Based Interjournal Communication Analysis

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Financial Services Review (FSR) publishes research that meets the needs of individual investors. This focus places FSR at the intersection of research in finance and research in financial planning. We document the publication records of contributors to FSR and other financial planning journals to provide evidence on FSR's efforts to fulfill its obligation to individual investors. Results show that FSR strategically assists finance researchers who publish in the area of financial planning to advance their research agendas. Finance academics at research and masters level universities and seeking tenure find FSR to be a prime outlet for their financial planning research. © 2012 Academy of Financial Services. All rights reserved.

JEL classification: Y5

Keywords: Financial Services Review; Financial planning research; Journal authorship

1. Introduction

Financial Services Review (FSR) is dedicated to the needs of the individual investor. That focus has prompted FSR to publish research that spans the broad topics associated with finance and financial planning, and more specifically, investments, which is a core topic in both areas. Financial planning covers topics related to the disciplines of finance (a discipline within economics) and financial counseling (a discipline often housed in colleges of human science and which draws on a diverse range of disciplines, including economics). Other affiliated topics include accounting, risk management, real estate, insurance, personal finance, consumer and behavioral economics, with investments, a subdiscipline of finance, at the forefront. Financial planning plays an integral part in establishing an individual's overall lifestyle planning; therefore, in the past two decades research activities in this area of finance have gained significant attention among researchers, academics, and practitioners.

In this article, we examine how the research presented in FSR fulfills its role of serving the education of the individual investor and its positioning relative to other journals that publish finance or financial planning research. We do so by investigating the research portfolios of contributors to FSR and thus identify the contributor-based interjournal communication across the financial planning, finance, and investments journals. We provide a complementary view of interjournal communication, which is often based on citation analysis and research categorization of articles like that used in Borokhovich, Bricker, and Simkins (1994).

This study contributes to the finance literature in two ways. Our first contribution stems from the fact that this is the first comprehensive study (to our knowledge) that identifies, in particular, one journal that satisfies the needs of individual investors and also offers a solid platform for researchers to advance their research in the areas of finance and financial planning. Our second contribution is to offer a viable explanation of author related factors support research in the financial planning area in that particular journal.

We identified five journals that offer a platform to researchers for their research in financial planning. In particular, we find FSR to be a prime outlet that not only offers a strong platform to promote financial planning research, but also gives necessary support to finance academics who want to do research in financial planning to build their research portfolios. We assume that the portfolio of work by these researchers informs and supports the quality and topical focus of their publications in FSR. FSR is the only journal to consistently be identified as both an academic finance journal and a financial planning journal. Thus, the role of FSR in educating individual investors, while potentially meeting the standards expected for publications counting toward tenure in finance departments, firmly situates this journal in a unique position. We seek to provide information on how FSR fulfills its stated mission in the context of its positioning in academia. …

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