Arab-Jewish Activism in Israel-Palestine

Article excerpt

Arab-Jewish Activism in Israel-Palestine. By Marcelo Svirsky. Surrey, Eng.: Ashgate PublishingLTD, 2012. 211 pp. $99.95.

Had this volume been marketed as a propaganda pamphlet for Hamas, the decision by Ashgate Publishing to print it might have made a certain amount of sense. Instead, Arab-Jewish Activism is promoted as an academic analysis, albeit one written by a radical anti-Israel, political extremist, whose ideas by and large are indistinguishable from those of Islamic radicals and oldtime communists.

Svirsky is listed on the book jacket as a faculty member at Cardiff University where he was never more than a visiting scholar at its Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, an openly Marxist "learning" unit; in actuality, he was until recently an instructor at the University of Haifa in the same political science department that produced and promoted the notorious propagandist Ilan Pappe. He now has moved to an obscure Australian university.

The book may be easily summarized: Israel is a colonialist monstrosity, which must be obliterated in the name of "post-colonialism." This is to be accomplished through support of Arab "resistance," by which Svirsky openly means terrorism. …