Academic journal article Cross / Cultures

Onto the Spin Cycle

Academic journal article Cross / Cultures

Onto the Spin Cycle

Article excerpt

I've started waltzing with

jack dancer


in a slow spin cycle

while trying

to maintain my balance

i 've had to walk away from

twelve months paid work

cancel my ninth consecutive

tour of Tasmania

knock-back a trip to New York

& Toronto

learn to survive on a

disability support pension

& use tricks like drip feeding

the fuel tank for doctor's visits

at the same time i 've had to cop

a fifty dollar rate hike from my


buy a two hundred dollar

electric razor because blades

are banned on radiotherapy


find another four hundred

& fifty for spectacles with

titanium frames

my D& G plastic frames

squeezed my scalp too tight

too hard too painfully

after head & neck surgery

& just when i thought i could see

where i was heading again

i had my hand in my pocket

to find another two hundred

for a microwave oven

the same oven i'd avoided

owning for twenty odd years

laughing at my own


knowing that i'd refused

to buy one because of the threat

of radiation leakage

but now

weakened from my intake of chemo

& my daily radiation therapy

i'm unable to stand around

& peel & chop & slice & cook

i need to quickly heat the

frozen meals that are stacked

in my freezer

& though my cancer arrived

in a heat wave

it's winter now as i face six

weeks of chemo

& the oil heater spins the disc

on my electricity meter

& spins

& spins

& spins. …

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