Academic journal article Contemporary Psychoanalytic Studies


Academic journal article Contemporary Psychoanalytic Studies


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I want to thank all my patients for reluctantly, yet bravely, inviting me in for a challenging taste of the most private internal conflicts they experience between self and other. In doing my best to help them through their emotional impasses and frightening internal choices, I continue to learn about the human condition, about myself, and about how to provide better clinical care to those with whom I meet.

As always, not much is possible in life without someone you can depend on, love, and be loved by. My lovely wife of almost three decades continues to be my greatest coauthor, editor, and inspiration in life.

I wish to thank the New Therapist journal for permission to reprint material in Chapter Two that has been previously published, as well as some material in Chapters Four through Seven.

Chapter Two was previously published as: Waska, R. (2011). Working with the unconscious conflicts of entitled and demanding patients. The New Therapist, 72, 10-24.

Some material in Chapters Four through Seven appeared as: Waska, R. (2011). Following the footsteps of a borderline: The "As Told to Me" series. The New Therapist, 75, 21-23 and forward.

I also wish to thank Psicanalise, the journal of the Brazilian Psychoanalytical Society of Porto Alegre, for permission to reprint Chapter Three, which was originally published as: Waska, R. (2012). Psychotic distortions of the good object. Psicanalise, 14: 1 .

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Robert Waska, LPCC, MFT, PbD, is a 1999 graduate of the Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies, an International Psychoanalytical Association affiliate organization. …

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