Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

Article excerpt

Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations Abir Publication, Dhaka: 2009 (Third Edition) Pages: 410, Price: Tk. 300 ISBN: 984-701146-0002 (New), ISBN: 984-39-0255-6 (Old)

One of the most important resources of an organization is its people. Employees supply the talent, skills, and creativity and exert the effort and leadership that contribute to the level of performance of the organization. Effective use of Human Resources (HR) leads to a number of consequences like helping the firm to achieve its objectives, increasing employee job satisfaction, providing the firm with well-trained and motivated employees and developing quality of work life which makes employment personally and socially desirable.

Industrial Relations (IR) are concerned with a particular set of phenomena associated with regulating human activity in industrial employment. Industry encompasses a transformation process in which inputs are converted into outputs. The book is divided into two parts. The first part includes chapter 1 to 14. The opening chapter in this section is devoted to the human process to provide the basis of understanding the HR in organization. It covers introductory chapter, HR policy, environment for Human Resource Management (HRM), Job analysis, HR functions (i.e., recruitment, selection, socialization, training and development, performance appraisal, motivation, reward employee incentive plans. Last chapter in this section includes discipline. …


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