Academic journal article Journal of Social Sciences

Connecting Philosophy of Ancient Egyptians to Modern Thinking

Academic journal article Journal of Social Sciences

Connecting Philosophy of Ancient Egyptians to Modern Thinking

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Abstract: Problem statement: Associating any knowledge from ancient Egyptians to modern civilization and thinking was important and had its own value. The process of understanding knowledge related to ancient Egyptians is actually based on the nature of philosophical thought. Approach: In the discussion of ancient Egypt philosophy, it is important to look at it from the perspectives of the four branches of philosophy; metaphysics, epistemology, axiology and logic. Metaphysics has two elements, which are ontology and cosmology. Arguments in ontology explain why most activities of people from the ancient Egypt involved agriculture and how they perceived their lives in the midst of this activity, this includes the concept of human creator; treatment to man and woman; and Egyptians' Gods and Goddesses. In addition, cosmology analyses the universe; everything inside and out of it, as well as what makes them stay and move. Results: Whereas, epistemology refers to how ancient Egyptians appreciated the existence of knowledge among them by considering the sources, types, categories and importance of particular knowledge that was gained in different ways. Besides, the aspects of axiology are also discussed here, especially in the ancient Egypt's hieroglyphics. This writing discusses the level of aesthetical value posed by all these Egyptians, even at the time of about 3000 B.C. They could discuss to form pictographic as their written language. This activity lasted for thousands of years. Conclusion: Last but not the least, logic is another aspect that can be used in the discussion across metaphysics, epistemology and also axiology, for instance, the thinking of the philosophy behind Egyptians life. This writing relates the philosophy of ancient Egypt with the life of the modern world, not only in Egypt, but also in another part of the world, which exist from the impact of the philosophy of ancient Egypt. Modern views of Egyptians' thinking are often vastly based on what their people had and thought of in the ancient days.

Key words: Ancient Egyptians, natural phenomena, marriage system, ontology explain, greatest world powers, analyze the philosophy behind, metaphysical aspect


The magnificence of the kingdom of Egypt is wellknown over the centuries. Emerged along with the other Western and Asian civilizations, it is the most anciently known civilization in Africa. Egypt, profited from the location in the northeastern corner of Africa and strategic hub for trade routes between Africa, Europe and Asia, had grown rapidly in the economical aspect and development of the city. Ancient Egyptians transformed the country into an empire and also one of the greatest world powers. Besides that, ancient Egyptians were also well-known for its precious art, in terms of literature, architecture and sculpture (Murray, 2004). The ancient Egyptians had developed much technical knowledge, including craft, mathematics and medical science during their era. There are some arguments that claim the earliest knowledge and philosophy is started from Egypt, before it was developed into various aspects of knowledge and philosophy of the ancient Greek, followed by other ancient conventional eastern philosophies. In fact, every aspect of Egyptians' knowledge seems to be completed at the very beginning and virtually has no signs of development (West, 1993). Are the Egyptians' ways of life, philosophy, religion, language and art related to the modern thinking? Or are they relevant to the modern world and thus, persist without change? Hence, it is important to study and amplify this issue to analyze the philosophy behind the existence of the great Egypt civilization.

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Metaphysical aspect of ancient Egyptians: The metaphysical aspect is important as a basis to understand the way people look at any particular situation or belief higher than the physical realm. In Egyptology, the perspective of metaphysical aspect can be reviewed by looking at their daily life, practical activities and condition of the society. …

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