Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

On Teaching Economics and Management from Entrepreneurship Education Perspective

Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

On Teaching Economics and Management from Entrepreneurship Education Perspective

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The major of economics and management becomes the most initiative and positive volunteer of entrepreneurship education, the launcher of entrepreneurship, the teaching implementation institution, and the consultancy operation institution as its characteristics for specialization resources and talents training, which plays very important role on entrepreneurship education. Moreover, according to over 20 years' entrepreneurship education experience in American universities, they always focus on business and management majors. Based on entrepreneurship education, this paper systematically analyzed the influential factors, such as teachers' quality, bilingual teaching, practice ability training. Finally, we proposed several countermeasures on developing entrepreneurship education for economics and management major from innovation consciousness, innovation capacity, class teaching, and assessment system and entrepreneurship lectures perspective.

Key Words: Entrepreneurship education; Economics and management major; Education research


The practice of Entrepreneurship education abroad for more than half a century provides a good reference for us to resolve the current problems. It plays an important role on promoting economic growth, increasing employment opportunities, accelerating technological innovation, improving the industrial structure, and improving the level of development of productivity. Venture has become a global topic, and causes the attention of the world's governments and scholars. The Western developed countries have adopted to implement entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities, such as students entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills. They teach entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to help college students to succeed in business road. For instance, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Australia and other countries have already successfully put into practice. By the College management professional, we should try to design, create, and plan to build exemplary entrepreneurship education system as well as teaching mode, so as to effectively train students' entrepreneurial awareness and entrepreneurial skills.


In the face of the grim situation of the current difficult domestic employment of college graduates, many college students have realized the need to strengthen the personal competency development and expertise accumulated, which may help to earn a place for themselves in the job market in the future. However, from the overall point of view, the limited employment opportunities and the intense nature of the employment market competition will inevitably lead to the survival of the fittest, so the employment problem cannot be solved fundamentally. In the case, i.e. supply is greater than demand, we need to create more demand for supply to meet the growing crowd. Entrepreneurship education can lead students to foster entrepreneurial concept to enhance the entrepreneurial ideas, to develop entrepreneurial capacity. It can not only alleviate the current Graduates Employment, but also can create more entrepreneurial opportunities.

The College administered class professional is mostly practical, so entrepreneurship education can become a demonstration of professional conduct. By learning basic courses and expertise, as well as the influence of environment by the faculties in the learning process during the school, economics and management students spontaneously can develop their preliminary understanding on international operations and crossborder management awareness, domestic and international economic policies, laws and regulations, and market volatility. Compared to other professions, economics and management professional entrepreneurship education has inherent advantages and practical significance, and can play a professional to students in career choices and business management. …

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