Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

Research on the Further Role of Retired Cadres in Agricultural Research Units under the New Situation-Case Study of Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture Sciences

Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

Research on the Further Role of Retired Cadres in Agricultural Research Units under the New Situation-Case Study of Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture Sciences

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This paper elaborated the importance of retired researchers play a great role in the agricultural research units under the new era, and it takes Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture Sciences (Hereinafter referred to as CATAS) as a example to analyze the current situation of the role and the advantages of retired researchers. Thereby, it suggests the approach of the role played by retired researchers under the new era and the effective measures for the further role of retired researchers from strengthening ideological and political construction, improving the living conditions and the level of spiritual and cultural, active aging, strengthening service management and other aspects.

Key Words: Retired cadres; Agricultural research units; Role

On 15 September 2011, during the national veteran cadres work advanced collective and advanced workers commendation general assembly, vice president XI Jinping emphasize that, majority of veteran cadres accumulated rich experience in the long-term practice of revolution, construction and reform with an irreplaceable ideological politic advantage and leadership experience advantage, which is a wisdom and strength of treasure house to be learned from. Majority of veteran cadres are stand firm in politics, rich work experience, strong mass base, broad social impact, with unique advantage in building a harmonious society (XI, 2011). Vice President Xi Jinping's speech pointed out the direction of retired veterans work under the new era for us. Earnestly work for retired cadres, especially the scientific role of retired scientists and technicians, which will be related to the sustainable, effective, healthy development of agricultural research units and the social stability and harmonious development. And how retired cadres play a effectively role is an arduous and important issue of agricultural research units. The author takes the work practice of CATAS retired cadres as an example, it suggests further role of retired personnel in agricultural research units under the new situation, especially the approaches and measures of retired scientists and technicians role.


1.1 The Necessity of Retired Cadres Role

At first, the own conditions of retired cadres determine the possibility of their role. Along with the advancement of technology, improvement of medical conditions and general improvement of the people's living standards, veteran comrades have generally good physical condition after retired. Many of retired cadres, especially the veteran cadres who are retirement shortly have a healthy body and exuberant experience, this makes them the possibility of playing their own residual heat. Statistics show that retired cadres of mental workers with high prestige, decades of experience and skilled professional skills, so that it is an important period to make achievements after the 60-yearold retirement (WANG, 20 12).

Moreover, their own aspirations and historical demand also makes the retired cadres role become a necessity. The realization of self-worth is the needs of highest level life. Majority of retired personnel not only has higher professional skills, but also a wealth of practical experience and a patriotic heart of "chun can dao si si fang jin, la ju cheng hui lei shi gan (serving the country until death)" (ZHAO, 2006), life outlook formed in the longterm revolutionary practice and the sense of responsibility of the party's cause makes them want to continue the dedication of residual heat in familiar territory.

1.2 The Importance of Retired Cadres Residual Heat

Building a socialist harmonious society requires mobilization of people's enthusiasm and creativity in all level. Retired veterans are important component of broad masses of the people. Further to exert their role, not only is the need of veteran comrades for self-realizationis, but also the requirement of talents construction and social development. …

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