Academic journal article Chicago Review


Academic journal article Chicago Review


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Body you've turned into my enemy

lying in wait among the shadows in the alley looking

for the chink in the armor

you can put your poison in Two weeks ago

you turned up in the doctor's office with an infection

in the urinary tract

(I'll never know its origin

since I don't fuck around

with anybody but my handsome wife)

but you know Body where it came from

Today I tossed my cookies while pumping gas at Amoco

the vomit mixed Pepto-Bismol with the ghost of a

pina colada shake

I know I haven't fed you much of late

being too depressed to want to eat

and having taken enough pills and medication today

to sink a battleship

Still that was a sneaky trick

among the gas pumps and the other motorists

You could've waited till I got home and hit the stool

No I don't fault you growing old

with your ugly wattles on your body like a

turkey's neck

and able to get it up only when the moon is blue

and even then it may not last the night

like the shadow of a leprechaun Still

we've have some good times together

-like riding my pony Brownie all over the hills and

woods of our old farm

and then digging basketball

and Sidney Bechet tooting on his clarinet in the old

basement in the old basement Jazz Ltd

club on Grand Avenue

and learning to fuck the lassies in my granddad's

Ford V-8

and walking in Lincoln Park on a balmy day in spring

and learning what it's like to be a dad

Without you I'd never see this keleidescope of

autumn colors here in the High Country in

northwestern North Carolina

Without you I couldn't see that delicious

rump of the ASU co-ed biking down King

Street here in downtown Boone

Without you I'd never hope to see the Beatific

Vision in the world beyond the Mountains of the Moon

-So here's a hand my trusty Fierce! …

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