Academic journal article Antipodes

Merging in Kas

Academic journal article Antipodes

Merging in Kas

Article excerpt

Taurus mountains rise high behind. Settled

between their stone feet and the blue bowl of bay,

Kas sits waiting for the impact of the summer swell.

This moment it is coming into its warmth yet

spring still holds onto the wild flowers,

skin purple with it on the mountains between olive trees.

Nights are chill but the moon chooses

silver or gold- full for three nights

spilling itself across the black-blue lap of ripples

adorning rocks below our windows

as the lights of Greece on the island of Megisti

whisper flickering across the ripples.

Floating in the Mediterranean between history's tug and pull,

a total solar eclipse was "fully visible" three years ago from its

loop of blue harbor. Moon blackened the sky, sun glittering

through lunar caves at first a necklace of beads. Then a diamond-ring

brighter than moonlight and more fiercely white. Finally, a crescent

whose mimic with its star on a red sea of flag, billows on the mainland.

GuUets barely move in the stillness before dawn

but at first sky-light they stir, fishermen drowsy at the helm,

beginning their slick trail across the waters. Sails stretching for

the tautness of breeze, they will reach past the Turkish point

before that gauzy air flows in towards us after lunch to tingle

along the raised hair of our arms, clothed already in the sun's sheen.

I rest with Malouf s Priam in Ransom, our small balcony set into

a terracotta roof in a whitewashed hotel built once by Greeks. …

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