Editorial: Research Network and Alert System

Article excerpt

We would like to thank our co-editors, editorial board members, guest editors, referees and authors that have contributed to JTAER with new ideas and editorial work during the last seven years. Based on their suggestions last year we implemented the Editorial Board Communications System, and this year we are implementing a platform to support of a research network and an alert system. Together with this system we have implemented a plagiarism detection service module that includes the use of Scirus, Google Scholar, and Microsoft Academic Research databases and search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google. Another platform that will be available from next year will be the production system that will allow our production assistants to manage the communication with authors regarding proofreading and copyright issues.

The research network and alert platform will permit our audience to create their own researcher account and to make use of the following functionalities:

* Receive an alert of the system when a:

- Paper of a particular author has been published at JTAER

- Paper within a particular classification category has been published at JTAER.

- Paper containing a particular keyword has been published at JTAER

- Full new issue has been published at JTAER

* Suggest new topics to the Editors of JTAER and/or support topics suggested by other researchers

* Create a Virtual Issue based on keywords and title words with papers from previous issues

* Visualize research interests of other members

* Create a group of researchers based on their research interests

* Share information in the group

The plagiarism detection system will permit editors and referees to check if similar papers have been previously published in other journals, conferences or on the Web. This system searches for similar titles, previous work of the same authors, and for similar contents. …


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