Chronology: Iran

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Oct. 19: The Majlis (parliament) passed a bill on economic and trade cooperation with Russia. The bill covered cooperation in the fields of nuclear energy, agriculture, metal industries and petroleum, among others. [10/22 FBIS]

Oct. 28: Islamic Republic Railways purchased 335 passenger cars from Denmark and Spain. [10/30 FBIS]

Oct. 30: Border guards in Mehran killed four Mujahidin-e Khalq (MKO) members when they tried to cross the border from Iraq. [11/3 FBIS]

Nov. 2: The Iranian News Agency (IRNA) reported border guards had killed eight MKO members who had crossed the border from Iraq at Nahr-e Anbar. Guards confiscated a machine-gun, a Kalashnikov rifle and a grenade. [11/4 FBIS]

Nov. 14: Russian NTV television reported that an Iranian diplomat had been detained for allegedly trying to buy missile designs from Russian specialists. [11/15 NYT, WP]

Ambassadors from 11 European Union countries returned to Tehran. [11/15 NYT]

Nov. 17: Russia ordered the expulsion of the Iranian who had been detained for allegedly trying to buy missile technology. [11/18 NYT]

Nov. 19: In Qum, thousands of people protested outside of the office of Ayatollah Husayn `Ali Montazeri, who had recently questioned the clergy's legitimacy to rule. Police used tear gas to end the demonstration. [11/20 NYT]

Nov. 21: A demonstration was held in Tehran to denounce Ayatollah Montazeri. [11/22 NYT]

Nov. 26: Ayatollah `Ali Khamene'i warned demonstrators that those who questioned his authority would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. …


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