Academic journal article Military Review

"America's Army-Our Profession"

Academic journal article Military Review

"America's Army-Our Profession"

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"Over the past 237 years, the United States Army has proudly served the nation by winning its wars and securing the peace. Our history is marked by decisive action over a wide range of missions-including regular and irregular warfare, humanitarian assistance operations, engagement with allies, and support to civil authorities. Today, our Army is entering not only a period of transition, but also of great opportunity."

- Foreword to Army Doctrine Publication (ADP) 1, The Army, 17 September 2012.

As our Army enters this period of transition-underscored by an impending drawdown in Afghanistan, preparing for a new mission post-2014, a forecasted reduction in Army end-strength, and the challenges of developing capabilities for the Army of 2020-we have an exceptional opportunity to learn, grow, and posture our profession for an uncertain future. While we cannot predict the future, we know the nation will call upon our Army to undertake some of its most difficult challenges. The American people we serve trust us to accomplish our assigned missions effectively, efficiently, and ethically. All Army professionals must consciously work to maintain that trust through their demonstrated competence, character, and commitment.

We are not just maintaining the Army Profession; we are strengthening the Army Profession based on findings and recommendations from the 2011 Army Profession Campaign which was designed to study the state of our profession. Directed by the Secretary of the Army and Chief of Staffof the Army, the campaign was the most comprehensive, holistic study of the profession ever conducted by the Army. Over the 15-month study, more than 40,000 Army professionals across all cohorts and components provided feedback on the state of the Army Profession and helped codify a common understanding of the components of our unique profession that had been lacking. The "America's Army - Our Profession" education and training program for calendar year 2013 was developed to inculcate a shared understanding among the members of our profession-soldiers and Army civilians- and thus begin the process of strengthening the Army Profession from within. The results of our 2011 study and our education and training program in 2013 will continue informing our efforts to build and improve resilience and readiness in shaping the Army of 2020. The momentum created will be carried forward into the future as we work together maintaining the honorable standing of the Army Profession. The remainder of this article will explain the newly codified components of the Army Profession and lay out how we will execute the "America's Army-Our Profession" program in 2013.

Our Army maintains its status as a military profession when all members remain faithful to the five essential characteristics of the Army Profession: trust, military expertise, honorable service, esprit de corps, and stewardship of the profession. Maintaining our status as a profession is why we take time to reflect on and discuss the nature of "America's Army-Our Profession." Doing so enables us to learn and understand ourselves better, reaffirm our commitments, and steward the Army for future generations as the Army evolves during this transition.

Our Profession

The Chief of Staffof the Army (CSA) Marching Orders concludes with an important emphasis on one of the five essential characteristics of the Army Profession: "Trust-the Bedrock of our Profession." Reinforcing the importance of trust, General Raymond T. Odierno announced "America's Army-Our Profession" at the October 2012 AUSA Conference. "America's Army-Our Profession" is a Calendar Year 2013 (CY13) education and training program designed to build a common, Army-wide understanding of the Army Profession. This program provides information and resources to facilitate dialogue, educate, train, and inspire all members of the Army on the meaning and practice of the Army Profession. Many of these new doctrinal concepts are introduced in Army Doctrine Publication (ADP) 1, The Army, and further explained in Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) 1 (Initial Draft), The Army Profession. …

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