Academic journal article Western Folklore

Publications of Elliott Oring

Academic journal article Western Folklore

Publications of Elliott Oring

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Folkgames and Game Theory. Folklore Forum 1:16-23.


Review of Jerome Mintz, Legends of the Hasidim. Folklore Forum 2:61-64.


Review essay of Alan Dundes, ed., Every Man His Way. Readings in Cultural Anthropology. Folklore Forum 3:91-94.


Whalemen and Their Songs: A Study of Folklore and Culture. New York Folklore Quarterly 27:130-152.


Reviews of Jacob Z. Lauterbach, Studies in Jewish Law, Custom, and Folklore and Joseph Gutman, ed., Beauty in Holiness. Studies in Jewish Customs and Ceremonial Arts. Journal of American Folklore 85:88-89.

Review of Henry Glassie, John Szwed, and Edward Ives, Folksongs and Their Makers. Folklore Forum 5:156-158.


Hey, You've Got No Character: Chizbat Humor and die Boundaries of Israeli Identity. Journal of American Folklore 86:358-366.

Reviews of Munro Edmunson, Lore. An Introduction to the Science of Folklore and Literature; Paulo Carvalho Neto, The Concept of Folklore, and Jan Brunvand, 77»« Study of American Folklore. Western Folklore 32:284-286.


The Devolutionary Premise: A Definitional Delusion? Western Folklore 34:3644.

Everything is a Shade of Elephant: An Alternative to a Psychoanalysis of Humor. New York Folklore 1:149-159.

From Uretics to Uremics: A Contribution Toward the Ethnography of Peeing. California Anthropologist 4:15; Reprinted in Culture, Curers, and Contagion, edited by N. Klein. Novato, CA: Chandler and Sharp, 1979.


Three Functions of Folklore: Traditional Functionalism as Explanation in Folkloristics. Journal of American Folklore 89:67-80.


Traditional Functionalism: Once More with Feeling. Journal of American Folklore 90:73-76.

Totemismi and the A.E.F. Revisited. Southern Folklore Quarterly 41:73-80. Reprinted in Folk Groups and Folklore Genres: A Reader, edited by Elliott Oring. Logan UT: Utah State University Press, 1989.

The Gratifications of History: A Folkloristic Example. Midwestern Journal of Language and Lore 3:47-50.

Review essay of G. Legman, Rationale of the Dirty Joke. An Analysis of Sexual Humor, First Series and Rationale of the Dirty Joke. An Analysis of Sexual Humor, Second Series. Western Folklore 36:365-371.


Transmission and Degeneration. Fabula: Journal of Folktale Research 19:193-210.


Review of Thomas A. Burns with Inger H. Burns, Doing the Wash: An Expressive Culture and Personality Study of a Joke and Its Tellers. Western Folklore 38:122-126.


Review of Richard M. Dorson, ed., Folklore in the Modern World. American Anthropologist 82:407.


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Forest Lawn and the Iconography of American Death. Southwest Folklore 6:62-72.

Reviews of Charles R. Grüner, Understanding Laughter. The Workings of Wit and Humor and Ethelyn G. Orso, Modern Greek Humor. A Collection of Jokes and Ribald Tales. Western Folklore 41:62-66.

Review of Barbara Rubin, Robert Carlton, and Arnold Rubin, L.A. in Installments: Forest Lawn. Journal of American Folklore 95:366.


The People of the Joke: On the Conceptualization of a Jewish Humor. Western Folklore 42:261-271. Reprinted in The Humor Prism in 20th Century America, edited by Joseph Boskin. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1997.

Review of Arnold L. Goldsmith, The Golem Remembered, 1909-1980. Variations of a Jewish Legend. The Journal of Psychoanalytic Anthropohgy 6:11 6-1 17.

Review essay of Alan Dundes, Interpreting Folklore. Journal of American Folklore 96:84-88.


The Jokes of Sigmund Freud: A Study in Humor and Jewish Identity. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. Second edition, Northvale NJ: Jason Aronson, 1997. Third edition, New York: Rowman & Littlefield, 2007.

Humor and the Individual. …

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