Academic journal article International Journal of Education

Teachers Implementation of Effective Classroom Management from Vocational Education Students' Perspectives

Academic journal article International Journal of Education

Teachers Implementation of Effective Classroom Management from Vocational Education Students' Perspectives

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The researchers examined the extent of implementation of the effective classroom management components by teaching stuffof vocational education at Al- Huson University College, Al-Balq'a' Applied University, Jordan from the perspective of vocational education students' (bachelor degree). To achieve the objectives of the study the researchers used a questionnaire which has the necessary components, it was prepared by the researchers in the light of studies and scientific literature related to the subjects of the study.

The purpose of this study was to identify the opinions of vocational education students' at Al- Huson University College, Al-Balq'a' Applied University. It also showed how effective classroom management components are applied by the teaching staffof Al Huson University College, and to determine the influence of some other factors like (gender ,academic year level, specialization , practical subject), on this evaluation.

The sample of the study consisted of (152) students from all vocational education students at Al Huson University College that are registered in the first semester of the academic year 2010/2011.

The questionnaire consists of ( 34 ) items used to collect the data which were analyzed by using SPSS program so as to compute the means , standard deviation and t- test.

The study showed that the scale items got positive evaluation from all the students. And there are no statistically significant differences between students due to gender or academic year.

Keywords: Classroom management, Classroom learning management, Learning management

1. Introduction

University education is considered a key role in the progress and development of societies and it aims to prepare scientific, technical, managerial and administrative cadres in modern societies which is the top of the educational system, (Saber, 1982).

Al-Balq'a Applied University, Jordan has been established as a distinguished educational institution specialized in the field of applied science to meet Jordan needs of specialists, technicians, and to reduce unemployment among Jordanians. The University also supports research making in the different stages of university education and considers practical experience as an essential part of the study plan for all university students both in associate and university degrees. (Al-Balq'a Applied University / Strategic Plan).

Al-Balq'a Applied University offered the Bachelor degree in vocational education in Al Huson University College which seeks to develop essential teaching skills in students (prospective pre-vocational teachers). The program focuses on classroom management to allow student to acquire the necessary qualifying qualities for their future jobs as teaching pre-vocational education courses for 1st to 10th school grades in Jordan school.

These vocational programs have to go through a continuous process of evaluation and development in a way that makes them always be fresh and up-to-date. The process also makes the programs follow the technological and scientific breakthroughs in various fields. This requires procedures of continuous evaluation of the effectiveness of teaching in all the departments of the university, and to make sure that the goals drawn by the university which aim at providing graduates with the means of theoretical and practical knowledge to achieve the requirements of the contemporary labor market are accomplished. The research process of evaluating the effectiveness of teaching has gone through few phases that initially focused on classroom management. The first phase include identifying the personal qualities of a successful teacher, examining teaching methods and techniques, giving attention of the classroom environment and what happens inside classrooms of successful teachers , identifying competencies, skills, abilities and teaching methods that characterize him.( Medlay, 1979 ; Feldman, 1976).

Classroom management is one of the essential competences for efficient teacher among a set of competences that are determined according to an agreed upon behavior and an acceptable standard,(Yosef and Naefh Qutami, 2002). …

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