Academic journal article International Journal of Linguistics

The Use of YouTube in Teaching English Literature: The Case of Al-Majma'ah Community College, Al-Majma'ah University (Case Study)

Academic journal article International Journal of Linguistics

The Use of YouTube in Teaching English Literature: The Case of Al-Majma'ah Community College, Al-Majma'ah University (Case Study)

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This paper explores the use of YouTube as a supplementary resource in teaching English novel at Al-Majma'ah Community College/Al-Majma'ah University. This study conducted on the second semester 2009/2010, At Al-Majma'ah community college/English language and literature Department. The researchers find that the use of YouTube in studying English is an interesting; beneficial, and give students the chance to get more understanding of the novel and its events. The effect of the YouTube program was measured by using an achievement test, which comprises 10 questions based on the novel comprehension. The sample of the study consists of 10 students. The present study aims at investigating the effect of method of teaching English novel on the students' achievement, and examining whether YouTube program improves students' achievement. The results showed that students wrote positive comments regarding the use of YouTube in a literature course, and use this learning tool effectively. This study recommends the use of YouTube as a supplementary source for teaching literature.

Keywords: English as a foreign language, YouTube, Literature (novel)

1. Introduction

Technology is used into all aspects of our daily life. It provides teaching and learning, with many applications, especially English classes which can improve teaching and learning process. Technology must be used when it has enhanced with language learning experience. Furthermore, Students belong to the digital generation, so they do not have problem to deal with technology in the classroom, and life. It can help teachers complete many of their tasks more efficiently and effectively. One of the active applications of technology is Internet. It becomes increasingly an important tool in our societies. People can do their works in internet such as business transactions, education, gathering information, searching for a job, and teaching and learning. It offers all students with opportunities for learning. Actually, it is an incredible source of information.

YouTube is one of the online materials that can be embedded in traditional classroom situations. These days YouTube has become more popular, especially among adults. This website provides learners with authentic situations and with everyday clips that help them to get better understanding of their lessons. As many researchers asserted that students get positive indicators when they watch nature and real life videos (Maness, 2004). Watching video in YouTube will help students to memorize the events more easily. As the researchers in this current study hope to make use of YouTube which makes the learning process not only more meaningful ,but also with more enjoyment (Alimemaj,2010).

We cannot ignore the role that technology plays in English classes. YouTube is regarded as one of the most effective ways to achieve success in English classroom. The use of YouTube in literature classrooms will provide students with good knowledge and understanding of their lessons. Additionally, learners can use YouTube as a learning tool that helps them in clear understanding after class; they can explore the topic that studied in the class. Kelsen (2009) states that using YouTube as a motivational tool, and students can use this website as a medium in studying English outside of class. He Conducted a study as a Survey of Using YouTube as Supplementary material with College EFL Students in Taiwan, and he found that YouTube motivates students inside and outside the classroom and it helps them in English classes, but this study deals with using YouTube and its effect on students' English performance in general without focusing on a specific topic in the English language.

On the other hand, the focus of this current study in English literature, more specifically it focuses on teaching a novel. Using literature in the EFL classroom can widen learners' understanding of their own and other cultures (Snelson, & Elison-Bowers, 2009). …

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