Academic journal article The Hudson Review

Lady, Have Mercy

Academic journal article The Hudson Review

Lady, Have Mercy

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Lady, have mercy, one small thing I ask:

May God bless you, tell me the truth of this,

When you and I shall die - but I'll die first,

Since after you die, how could I survive -

What will become of love, thus sick with grief?

You wise and graceful, I so much in love:

After we die, how dien can love persist?

By God, Thibaut, as far as I can see

No human lover's deadi can make love perish,

And I suspect tìiat this is all a ruse,

For love's not made you diinner, au contraire.

When we two die - God grant us bodi long life -

I do believe that Love will greaüy suffer,

But love's full worth will still remain entire.

Lady, you mustn't think me a deceiver,

But rather a man who loves too much, too long.

Loving you, I've loved myself the more,

And that's the reason I've put on some pounds,

For God has never made a girl more lovely

Than you. …

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