Academic journal article The Hudson Review

Know Well, My Lords . . .13

Academic journal article The Hudson Review

Know Well, My Lords . . .13

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Know well, my lords, whoever will not go

To those far lands where God was raised, and died,

Who will not bear the cross of the Crusade, no,

This man will never come to Paradise.

Who has compassion and a memory

Of the great Lord, should seek revenge's remedy,

And save His country and His widespread lands.

All the base warriors will remain behind,

Who love not God, nor honor, good and valor.

Each of them says, "I cannot leave my friends

At any cost! How could I quit my wife?"

Such men have fallen into foolishness,

For no one has a truer friend than Christ,

Who died upon the cross that we should live.

But all the valiant knights shall hurry forth,

Who love God and the honor of this world,

Those who righdy wish to go towards God;

The cowardly will tremble by the hearth.

I cannot doubt the claim that they are blind

Who never serve their God while they are living,

And for so little lose the glory of this earth.

God allowed Himself to suffer on the cross,

And on that Day, when humankind must gather,

He'll tell us, "You, who helped me bear the cross,

Will go to Heaven, where the angels are;

There you will see me, with my mother Mary. …

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