Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly


Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly


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Anything can be a theme if you just repeat it

a few times. Enchantment, for example. A friend of mine

sent me a link to a journal that was putting out a call for a special issue

on enchantment. Who wouldn't like to be part ofthat? "Some

Enchanted Evening." Enchanté! It's the wonderful

bewilderment, the glorious possibilities of our lives turning out

silver. The telephone rings in the movie, and the enchanted woman,

the enchanted man, answers. It's a beep or a word,

and they're off. I'm not interested, I'm enchanted. Someone in a cape

mesmerized me. Maybe it was Franz Anton Mesmer,

sometimes, albeit incorrectly, referred to as Friedrich

Anton Mesmer. Make me write bad checks, you devil.

Make me happy. Make me do what I secretly want to do

anyway. Let's drive the countryside holding up banks,

shaking them into a bag, laughing at luck. Oh magic.

Let's set up a tent in the living room and roast marshmallows

over the burning furniture. Enchantment blossoms, as not everything

is a fight. On the Enchantment Table, enchanted items

have a more glossy look. So whose sway are you under? His?

Hers? Your own? In conducting the experiment, we're walking

into a fictitious universe. "Where am I in this? …

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