Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Studies on the Exit Mechanism of the Economically Affordable Housing in China

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Studies on the Exit Mechanism of the Economically Affordable Housing in China

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Economically affordable housing, as an important part of indemnificatory housing system, is to highlight its economical efficiency and guarantee and to provide housing for the middle and low-income families. However, the access to economically affordable housing is not perfect in many aspects currently. Besides, the demand for economically affordable housing keeps increasing constantly, which makes the sources of economically affordable housing tight. Recently, Chinese government has advocated enhancing the construction of indemnificatory housing vigorously, but there are many problems in increasing construction such as raising capital. Therefore, we need to find another way out, establish exit mechanism for economically affordable housing and circulate economically affordable housing to relieve the tight situation.

Keywords: indemnificatory, China, economically affordable housing

1. What Is Economically Affordable Housing

Economically affordable housing is the housing faced to the middle and low-income families and enjoying preferential policies, which belongs to policy housing. It is the social security housing provided by the government for those middle and low-income families, which is usually called public housing or social housing globally. In China, economically affordable housing has become one form of the indemnificatory housing. Economically affordable housing is ordinary housing constructed uniformly by the government, targeted for those middle and low-income families and constructed according to the national housing construction standard, which is commodity housing of a certain extent of social security. It is the special commodity housing with some preferential policies from the government. Its costs is under strict control, and the price is composed by the compensation of land acquisition and demolition, exploration designing and architecture installation project fee, the early project fee, the taxation, the loan interests and profits under the control of 3%.

In China, the existence of economically affordable housing does make sense. The statistical data of the new construction area of the economically affordable housing from 2006 to 2009 is shown in Figure 1.

Seen from Figure 1, it can be found that the construction of Chinese economically affordable housing has a steady increase tend, which reflects that Chinese government pays more and more attention to the economically affordable housing and people have greater demand for economically affordable housing. In addition, a random survey is carried out to determine which kind of guarantee housing is required more by people. According to the result, 57.9% of people choose economically affordable housing, 32.3% of people choose low-rent housing, and 9.8% of people choose other kind of guarantee housing, which directly introduces the importance of economically affordable housing in China.

Economically affordable housing is the meager profit ordinary commodity housing existing between commodity housing and low-rent housing with support from the government. Besides, it is the important part of China's multilevel housing indemnificatory housing system. It plays an important role in relieving the increasing housing need and stabilizing the housing market.

2. The Deficiency of Exit Mechanism for the Economically Affordable Housing

Another form to provide indemnificatory housing is low-rent housing, which means that the government provides social indemnificatory housing by means of renting subsidies and physical renting matching for those families that is eligible for the minimum living standard and have difficulty in housing. The distribution of low-rent housing mainly takes form of renting subsidies and takes supplementary form of physical renting matching and abatement of rent. Economically affordable housing is of great difference from the low-rent housing. Firstly, most of the economically affordable housing is newly constructed while the sources of low-rent housing include vacant houses, reconstructed dilapidated building, and old public houses. …

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