Academic journal article Higher Education Studies

On the Cultivation of Automation Majors' Research Innovation Ability Based on Scientific Research Projects

Academic journal article Higher Education Studies

On the Cultivation of Automation Majors' Research Innovation Ability Based on Scientific Research Projects

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Currently, it has become a fundamental goal for the engineering major to cultivate high-quality engineering technicians with innovation ability in scientific research which is an important academic ability necessary for them. This paper mainly explores the development of comprehensive and designing experiments in automation based on scientific research projects and elaborates on the significance and indispensable role of these experiments in cultivating students' research innovation ability.

Keywords: scientific research project, comprehensive and designing experiments, research innovation ability

1. Introduction

In the educational field, it is comparatively late for our country to know for cultivating students' research innovation ability. Our country has advocated cultivating innovation talents based on the reform of higher education from 1980. And the research innovation ability of post graduates is first to be intensified. However, with the strengthening reform and investigation of world's advanced universities, a group of research universities, such as Qinghua university, Beijing university, Zhejiang university, Nanjing university and university of science and technology of China, begin to bring scientific research topics into undergraduates' education, taking scientific research as important measures to cultivate students' research innovation ability. Though it is influenced by the factors of inherent education pattern, the weak results of research and innovation, the imperfect measures and some inevitable problems, our country's universities still have some wonderful achievements on the aspect of cultivating students' research innovation ability. And some excellent universities have accumulated much beneficial experience during exploring and trying. From 1996 up to now, Qinghua university has been establishing a comparatively perfect supporting program of students' extracurricular academic research project step by step, mainly including the student research training platform, the innovation platform of practice and investigation, challenging cup special project. University of science and technology Beijing takes innovation plus practice pattern, on campus, based on the different needs of science and engineering students, it specially sets up two university-level undergraduate innovation foundations which are named as student natural experiment center and engineering training center, and five college-level undergraduate innovation institutions named as civil engineering, metallurgy, material, machinery, and information, outside the campus, it invests ten million Yuan and cooperates with more than one hundred big and medium size enterprises and public institutions, local authorities and governments for continuous four years to set up 145 practice foundations, covering entirely 44 bachelor's degree program of the whole university. (Zhou, 2011)

In the 21st century, higher education is characterized by creative, innovative and carve-out education. At present, when laying down their cultivation plan for the automation major, most universities include the following targets: (1) having certain abilities in scientific research, science and technology development, organization and management as well as strong adaptability in work; (2) gaining good practice in systematic analysis, design and development and grasping certain abilities in scientific research and practical work; (3) being capable of carrying out systematic analysis, design, operation, development and research in science and technology in motion control, industrial process control, power electronic technology, detection and automation instrumentation, computer control, information processing, management and decision making and so on. In the aspect of cultivation goal, automation talents are expected to have solid theoretical basis, strong professional skills and excellent research innovation abilities. Compared with theoretical teaching and replication experiments which cannot satisfy the pre-set goal, comprehensive and designing experiments can better stimulate students' interest and curiosity, hence helping to develop students' abilities in observation, practical operation, research innovation as well as their comprehensive quality. …

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