Academic journal article UTMS Journal of Economics

Geographic Positioning as a Determination of Tourism Development of Gevgelija Region

Academic journal article UTMS Journal of Economics

Geographic Positioning as a Determination of Tourism Development of Gevgelija Region

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The research of this paper is about casinos in the southernmost city in the Republic of Macedonia - Gevgelija, its geographical position and their role on the development of gambling tourism. Gambling tourism as a special form of tourism, for some world famous tourist destinations is the main form of tourism. In some of them such as in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, gambling tourism was the basic form of tourism, which further over time initiated rapid economic development of destinations and thanks exactly this kind of tourism they are today one of the most visited tourist destinations. Gevgelija with their casinos in a combination of other factors that influence the development of gambling tourism, especially geographical position, have excellent opportunities for its development, which today is in the initial phase and in the future, with the evolution of the tourist destination, Gevgelija can become known and desirable tourist destination. Today in Gevgelija a new business is born that citizens still do not know about, but day by day thoughts change, primarily because the large and rich countries had the capacity to develop this type of tourism, however we are not rich nor a large country. Today Gevgelija lives in the world of casinos.

Key words: tourism, gambling, casinos, entertainment,games.

Jel Classification: R12, R19,O18


Gevgelija is located in the vicinity of the Macedonian and Greek border, and at both ends of the border crossings, the Bogorodica and Evzoni (only 3 km.) and the railway station Gevgelija - Idomeni. From the largest port on the Aegean Sea - Thessalonica is only 70 km away and 158 km from Skopje. Through the municipality of Gevgelija passes the Corridor 10. A favorable impact should have the newly planned "horizontal" link - from Bitola via Mariovo to Gevgelija, a route linking the eastern and western regions of Macedonia which also integrates the most important tourist areas. The Mediterranean region has always represented an important junction for passengers and goods traveling from Europe to the Middle East or vice versa. The city of Gevgelija has a perfect geographical position, because passing through its territory is the highway E-75 and an international railway line from Skopje - Thessalonici, connecting the Central and Eastern Europe with the southern part of the European continent, and further on to the Middle East. For such an excellent geographical position certainly contributes and proximity to two international airports in Thessaloniki and Skopje. Gevgelija from the international airport "Alekandar The Great" Skopje, is only 144km, while the international airport "Macedonia" Thessaloniki is only 103km away, and with both airports Gevgelija is connected by modern highways.

Gevgelija is one of the larger urban cities and is located in the southern region of Macedonia, on the border with the Republic of Greece. The city is located at a latitude of 41 degrees north and a longitude of 22 degrees east, and stretches along the lower valley of the Vardar river, in the central and southern part of Gevgelija - Valandovo basin and the flow of Petrushka and Zuica river, on the eastern slopes of mountain Marijanska which is spread on 485km2, on the north and east it borders with the cities of Valandovo and Bogdanci, on the west by Demir Kapija and Kavadarci, and on the south with the state border of the Republic of Greece (Stojmilov 2011).

For the extraordinarily favorable tourist geography location of Gevgelija undoubtedly contributes proximity tourist resort Kozuf. This resort is a year-round mountain rezor located on Mountain Kozuf. Mountain Kozuf is located on the state border Macedonia and Greece, with the highest peak Zelen breg 2176 m. Tourist complex Kozuf is located at an altitude of 1500 to 2176 meters, on locality Momina cesma and mountain peak Zelen breg is located the ski resort Kozuf, which should grow in most elite ski resort in this part of Europe (Plan 2010). …

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