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Chronology: Saudi Arabia

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Saudi Arabia

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See also Sudan and South Sudan, Yemen

Oct. 25: Tensions between the kingdom and Syrian leadership rose with the expulsion of three Syrian diplomats, indicating the Saudi support for Syrian rebels. Saudi authorities closed the Syrian embassy in March and only granted hajj visas for pilgrims applying to consulates in neighboring states. [Reuters, 10/25]

Nov. 5: The king appointed the son of the previous interior minister, Prince Muhammad bin Nayif, to succeed his late father in the position. The interior ministry was instrumental in cracking down against the al-Qa'ida presence and Shi'a protests in the kingdom. [AJE, 11/5]

Nov. 27: Families of jailed activists, including six children, 23 women, and 30 men, were detained after a protest in front of a human rights organization in the capital. They protested the long detainment of political prisoners, including some detainees who had been imprisoned without specific charges against them. Amid criticism for their judicial procedures from groups like Human Rights Watch, Saudi Arabia's government stated repeatedly that they ensured prisoners received fair trials. [Reuters, 11/27]

Dec. 13: King 'Abdullah leftthe hospital four weeks after a back operation surrounded by family members. Prince Salman governed the country during the hospital stay. Prince Salman was the expected heir, and it was believed that he would continue the reforms started under King 'Abdullah. [Reuters, 12/13]

Dec. 24: Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faysal criticized Iran's alleged interference in the Gulf region, ahead of a Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Bahrain. …

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