Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Study on Relationship between Individual Work Value and Work Performance of Civil Servants-Based on the Research in China

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Study on Relationship between Individual Work Value and Work Performance of Civil Servants-Based on the Research in China

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Civil servants are the key power to government's development and social demands. However, present large amount of researches on public HR management mainly study from macro fields such as policy, education and team setup, the study of civil servants' inner factors and outer work performance is comparatively much less, while the demonstrative study is the least. This paper proposes research hypothesis of civil servants' work value and work performance on the basis of literature review; with the design of questionnaire, statistics analysis and research, finds the influencing factors and reasons why individual work value affects work performance; gets the specific influencing degree the parameters affect work performance. On the basis of demonstrative study, this paper proposes applicable methods and suggestions for civil servants' work value on individual work performance management in administration departments, suggestions especially for HR management, screening and selection, stimulating, training and development.

Key words: Civil servant; Work value; Work performance


The definition of Work Value, as Super (1970) thought, is the object related with work, and the characteristic or attribute of work to be pursued when performing the working activities; while for Kalleberg (1977), and Nord (1988), the definition of work value is the objective things as desired to be obtained from the activities related with the job done by the individual; and the work value, for Robbins (1991), is the preferable recognition and understanding for physical meaning of working or a certain job. With definition on the working value specified by the above researchers, it can be known that, work value is the meaning of work which is titled by the individual, and further to meet the personal desire through the work. As for the evaluation of work value, Rokeach (1973) has divided into two major aspects- intention work value and instrument work value. Intention work value means the intention target for the individual in life, such as sense of achievement, comfortable life; instrument work value is actually the present of personal preference on behavior, or the way and method to achieve the intention value, such as to be responsible and independent.

According to Basadur (1982), the values hold by the individual has played an important role when close attention has been given to new ideas by the individual, and the performance will also be naturally followed. Self pressure is emphasized by Barron (1981), including the tolerance of internal contradiction of the individual. According to Raudsepp (1981), the problem on personal feeling and attitude will have impact on creative development, such as, escaping from the trouble, lacking of self-confidence, worrying about critical comments, continuing competition between others, frustration experience in early life, lacking of self consciousness, lacking of positive feeling, keeping on familiar subject, easily acceptance of comments from others, fear of lonely, dropping into old memory and imagination for future, chaos in mood.

In Taiwan China, Cai Xiujuan and Su Xinxu divided work value into intrinsic value (which refers to the workers' subjective assessment on the relationship in work, the challenge of work and the authority of supervising other's work )and extrinsic value(which refers to the workers' subjective assessment on the income, society reputation, opportunity for advancement that is brought by work),and used this method to measure the work value of civil servant .In China, Guo Jing drew lessons from Rokeach' theoretical frame and tried to construct a measuring scale of civil servant based on the theory and interview. He also divided work value into ultimate value and instrumental value, the former refers to the ultimate mode that include interpersonal support, significance of work, income, personal development and stability ; the latter refers to the behavior involved moral and ability that include gumption, reliable, passive . …

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