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Chronology: Afghanistan

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Afghanistan

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Jul. 23: A ceasefire was negotiated in the Herat province following heavy fighting between troops loyal to Ismael Khan, and those under the command of Amanollah Khan. [BBC, 7/24]

Jul 27: Four American soldiers and two of their Afghani militia escorts were killed when they came under fire from a walled compound near the town of Khost in the southeast of Afghanistan. [BBC, 7/27]

Jul 28: President Hamid Karzai declared his government's intention to sign the international treaty banning landmines. [BBC, 7/ 28]

Aug. 1: A report by the International Crisis Group said that the Loya Jirga succeeded in electing a legitimate president, but that the proceedings were characterized by backroom deals and intimidation to achieve short-term goals. [BBC, 8/1]

Aug. 9: India reaffirmed its aid commitment to Afghanistan, delivering the first of three Airbus aircraft for Afghanistan's national airline, Ariana. The delivery was made during Indian Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh's visit. [BBC, 8/11]

An explosion in Jalalabad, meant to undermine the government of Hamid Karzai, killed 21 and injured 85. [NYT, 8/10]

Aug. 20: Two American Special Forces soldiers were wounded while searching for Taliban leader Mullah Omar in the south of the country. [NYT, 8/21]

Sep. 3: Following an announcement that the afghani would be redenominated, whereby 1,000 of the old would equal 1 of the new, the value of the currency fell sharply to the lowest level in ten months (as measured against the US dollar). [BBC, 9/ 4]

Sep. 4: The government in Kabul released its currency reform program, which dropped three decimal places. The move was toward a re-centralization of the economy. The aim was to end the practice of various warlords printing their own currency. [FT, 9/5]

Sep. 5: President Hamid Karzai survived an assassination attempt in the city of Kandahar, as his motorcade passed through downtown streets. A lone gunman opened fire before he was gunned down by American Special Forces troops protecting President Karzai. …

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