Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly

Twiggy and Me

Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly

Twiggy and Me

Article excerpt

Twiggy s legs are perfectly free of muscle.

She may be this year's phenom, sneers Time,

but those legs are like two white worms.

Wider than it is long, her gold corduroy skirt

sprouts her thighs, scarcely bigger than her ankles.

She is an English girl who drinks Cokes, not teas.

Is this what girls should look like? The concept teases

at me. Her spaghetti shape is nothing like my muscles.

Twiggy s a waif with sad eyes. Her arms dangle

like Baryshnikov doing Petruschka, old-time.

She is the new natural. That must be why her skirts

hang on her willow waist, sinuous like a worm's.

Now my gym teacher laughs so hard I squirm.

As we practice, she gasps, "Ladies, ladies, don't tease!"

We are pretending to exit a VW bug, wearing miniskirts.

Mrs. Patterson's shorts reveal eye-popping muscles

(you just didn't see many buffed women at the time)

and she shows us, again, how our knees have to angle.

Twiggy s hair is short as a boy's, straight as right angles.

I have Shirley Temple ringlets that twist like worms.

I Scotch tape my bangs flat, but all night isn't enough time

to tame my natural curl. At least we're freed from teasing

our hair to Marie Antoinette heights. Seems some of us'll

never have the good hair, or the right legs for the skirt. …

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