Academic journal article International Journal of Management

The Development of a Total Quality Management System for Transforming Technology into Effective Management Strategy

Academic journal article International Journal of Management

The Development of a Total Quality Management System for Transforming Technology into Effective Management Strategy

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The Japanese management technology that made the biggest impact on the world in the second half of the 20th century were: the Toyota Production System, often also referred to as to Just-In-Time (JIT), which is the most famous Japanese production system; Total Quality Management (TQM). However, as these management technologies became practiced as "lean systems" around the world and were further developed and popularized, they lost their status as unique Japanese systems-and in recent years, the superior quality of Japanese products has rapidly lost ground. To be successful in the future a global marketer must develop an excellent quality management system that can impress consumers and continuously provide excellent quality products in a timely manner through corporate management for manufacturing in the 21st century. The author proposes a Total Quality Management System for transforming technology called "New JIT, new management technology principle" into effective management strategy. This system contains hardware and software systems, as next generation technical principles, for transforming management technology into a management strategy. The hardware system consists of the Total Development System (TDS), Total Production System (TPS) and Total Marketing System (TMS). These are the three core elements required for establishing new management technologies in the marketing, engineering, and production divisions. To improve the workprocess quality of all divisions concerned with development, production, and sales, the author hereby proposes "Science TQM" (TQM by utilizing "Science SQC") as a software system. In addition as a management technology strategy that enables sustainable growth, the author has proposed a "Strategic Stratified Task Team" that will become the driving force of Science TQM. The author believes that the effectiveness of New JIT for the advanced management strategy using High Linkage Model "Advanced TDS, TPS & TMS" has been demonstrated as described herein based on the author's verification conducted at Toyota.


The Japanese administrative management technology that contributed the most to the world in the latter half of the 20th century is typified by the Japanese production system represented by the Toyota Production System (TPS). This system was kept at a high level by a manufacturing quality management system generally called JIT (Just in Time) [1].

However, a close look at recent corporate management activities reveals various situations where an advanced manufacturer, which is leading the industry, is having difficulty due to unexpected quality related problems. Some companies have slowed down their production engineering development, and are thus facing a crisis of their own survival as a manufacturer. Against this background, improvement of the Japanese administrative management technology is sorely needed at this time [2-4].

In the remarkable technologically innovative competition seen today, in order to realize manufacturing that ensures customer first QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery), it is indispensable to first create a core technology capable of reforming the business process used for the technological development of divisions related to engineering designing. Equally important, even for production related divisions, is to develop new production technologies and establish new process management which, when combined, enable global production [5].

In addition, even the product promotion, sales, and service divisions are expected to carry out rationalized marketing activities that are not merely based on past experiences, so that they can strengthen ties with their customers. It is believed that the foundation of corporate survival is to establish a new quality centered management technology that can link the management of the activities carried out by the divisions above with a view to enhance the quality of their business processes [6-7]. Today's Toyota is not an exception when it comes to the necessity described above. …

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