Letters from Bishopsbourne: Three Writers in an English Village

Article excerpt

Letters from Bishopsbourne: Three Writers in an English Village. Christopher Scoble Cheltenham: BMM, 2010. 354 pp.

Scoble's Letters from Bishopbourne: Three Writers in an English Village is a useful biography of the time Jocelyn Brooke, Joseph Conrad, and Richard Hooker spent in Bishopsbourne. Scoble interlaces his own encounters with the places and events these writers experienced with these writers's own experiences with them. Concerning Conrad, Scoble relates Conrad's time at Oswalds, his home from October 1919 until his death. Scoble works from letters, biographies (particular Curie's biography, but also those of Conrad's sons), memoirs of Conrad, and other historical documents to present a picture of Conrad's life and works in Bishopsbourne. He presents a somewhat different picture of Conrad's last years by emphasizing his activities and interaction in Bishopsbourne and among its inhabitants, although he also notes that Conrad tended to stay at home much of the time and did not frequent the village as much as many of its inhabitants did. …


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