Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights Letter from the Editor

Article excerpt

Dear Reader,

Civil liberties and civil rights issues are at the forefront of our nation's political dialogue. The struggle for marriage equality continues. The right to vote is under assault. Comprehensive immigration reform may soon become a reality, raising important questions that will hopefully receive full attention before legislation is adopted. Over-incarceration continues to plague our country. And women's issues took a front seat in the 2012 election debate after a few choice comments elicited much outrage.

This issue begins with an article by Kristie LaSalle, which explores the expressive conduct as applied to the Occupy Wall Street Movement. LaSalle uses the movement to highlight critical shortcomings of the expressive conduct doctrine. She then proposes an alternative judicial approach where the conduct itself is critical to conveying the speech.

The second article, by Joshua Friedman and Gary Norman, takes a broad look at the legal and practical challenges facing disabled individuals in the Information Age. The authors explore a range of proposals, including affirmative legislation and action by activists, designed to help combat some of these challenges that disabled individuals currently face. …