Academic journal article Informatica Economica

Informatics System Design for the Management of Nutritional Supplementation in Body Modelling Sports

Academic journal article Informatica Economica

Informatics System Design for the Management of Nutritional Supplementation in Body Modelling Sports

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Issues regarding body modeling are debated. Facts regarding the nutrional oriented processes for body modeling are identified. The nutriments classes are presented and how the administration process is conducted based on several characteristics and which are the stages of succeeding these processes. An informatics system is designed for the management of nutritional supplementation in order to control the calories intake based on the intentisty of physical effort. The stages of development are presented, identifying optimization criteria for the security of the systems and its users.

Keywords: Informatics Systems, Supplementation, Nutrition, Body Modeling

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1 Body Modeling

Sports activities are, by the day, an increasingly important component of our life. In the context of the automatic and cybernetic society today the sport is no longer practiced exclusively for performance and competition, but is rather a leisure activity, practiced for pleasure and for physical needs.

Body shaping sports (bodybuilding and fitness) do not make any other exception, gaining a more and more important role through what is offering to practitioners: strengthening of muscle, physical relaxation, health status, the formation of a positive attitude, awarding body aesthetics sense of self-confidence, dignity or personal gain respect from other people.

Anthropology tends more and more to explain the historical evolution of man through movement and though the human body is studied for thousands of years it continues to have many mysteries. Over time they have appeared on a number of questions that still await the answer: is it existing upper performance we can get? what sizes can exercise to develop the bodies? or which is the superior limit of the effort?

The impact it has in recent times the physical upkeep of the human life cycle with the weights as a cornerstone of the harmonization of bio somatic, but at the same time as a strong weapon against disease and aging. The results and benefits of this type of training have done that now, in the 21st century, in Western Europe, one in six people have subscribed to a physical maintenance, and in the US there are over 30 million practitioners.

The advancement of technology in a world increasingly concerned with science makes man to be based primarily on the grey matter, unadapting the body as quickly as, so coming against the lack of physical activity required by modern society. In the era of speed and information man becomes a kind of prisoner, basically "linked" to the working office, so appearance of back pain, shoulders rounded, obesity, impaired blood circulation or lack of energy and mobility are becoming such a natural consequences. At the same time, however, there are very strong arguments that we have refocused the priorities, heading towards the US steps by practicing systematic exercise.

Development and diversification of the disease have forced the world to recognize the importance of physical activity, and the amazing results of the workout with weights have convinced that fitness and bodybuilding is a very effective form of preventive medicine and the remedy of a long series of illnesses. Why? Because a body trained means mobility, a high rate of metabolism and greater resistance against the accumulation of fat. Muscles provide solid protection and a full program of weight training strengthens the whole body, regardless of age or level of athletic training. In this regard it is recognized that women lose approximately 25% of bone mass for up to 75 years, thereby exposing themselves to the risk of fractures. This can be prevented with the help of the training. Studies of the origins Tufts (Nedford, Massachusetts) performed on postmenopausal women show that strength training strengthens the bones of the spine and the hips exposed to fractures. Also the training for bodybuilding and strength is significantly reducing the chances of falls that would have disastrous effects. …

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