Academic journal article Journal of Sociological Research

Hong Kong Youth Cinema: Sexual Openness

Academic journal article Journal of Sociological Research

Hong Kong Youth Cinema: Sexual Openness

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This paper will examine the depiction of Hong Kong youth in terms of sexual responsibilities. The authors argues if sexual openness truly exists in the Hong Kong community, to some extent it does not bring any severe consequence for the characters in the film ?. V (directed by Ho-cheung Pang in 2005). At the end, the discussion extends to the issue of the local film rating system since the bare-breast images take a considerable part of the entire film.

Keywords: representation of sexuality, sexual openness, comedy, youth film, cinema of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The Synopsis: ?. V. (directed by Ho-cheung Pang, 2005)

It is a story of four university students who ask for government funding to direct their own adult film, to satisfy their desire for a Japanese porn star. The film starts with a conversation among three boys in a café. Band-aid (played by Derek Tsang) shares with two friends - Fatty (played by Jeffery Chou) and Leung Chi On (played by Lawrence Chou) - his sexual experience when he is dating a cyber friend. But when their girlfriends return to the table, the boys change the topic of conversation at once. The girls start to talk about another girl named Yo Yo, as they know the boys' friend Kar Loh (played by Tien You Chui) wants her to be the heroine of his graduation film. While they continue the discussion, Jason (played by You-Nam Wong) walks into the café. When Jason joins them, he begins another conversation piece. Jason tells them that Kar Loh was expelled from the film school because he took advantage of his graduation film to chase after a girl (Yo Yo). The four boys try to comfort Kar Loh at his hostel, but they watch the film without Kar Loh's permission when he is already drunk, which portrays Kar Loh and Yo Yo kissing in the lift.

The film inspires the four boys. When the boys sit idle all day at a square, Leung Chi On proposes to do something great - shoot their own adult film. The other three boys support this idea. They search ideas from their film collections, as well as a porn store run by Leung Chi On's uncle. Accidentally, in the porn store, they target Ms. Manani, a 20-year-old Japanese adult-video actress, as the heroine of their project. However, they discover that Ms. Manani's remuneration is two hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars (approximately twenty-five thousand US dollars). The four university students have little savings, but Jason suggests that they should apply for government funding specifically for young residents. The government officer rejects Fatty, Band-aid, and Jason. However, Leung Chi On's project, "egg puff," is accepted and he receives a cheque for two hundred thousand dollars. The four boys try to approach their dream star with their scheme. Ms. Manani's agent (Mr. Teruoka) requests a meeting at their office, so they use Fatty's father's office. But Mr. Teruoka informs them Ms. Manani's remuneration has increased to three hundred thousand dollars. Leung Chi On organizes a meeting at his university and his speech instills the male university mates with enthusiasm. The meeting collects eight thousand, eight hundred dollars per person after his speech, and to acknowledge them for their kindness they are allowed to witness the porn-making process. Now, they have sufficient funding to have their favorite porn star.

Ms. Manani arrives in Hong Kong from Japan, and the four boys invite Kar Loh to join this project as a film director. The four boys ultimately make their dream come true. Interestingly, they all become pornographic film actors. They shoot at the spare office space and Kar Loh's former film school's professional studio. Jason falls in love with Ms. Manani, and he receives a special gift from her after their sex in the hotel. Jason tries to persuade Ms. Manani to quit the business on the last day of shooting, but she just considers this to be her job. They finish their adult-video project and Ms. Manani leaves Hong Kong. The film ends with three interesting sequences: (1) Jason goes to a Japanese language school, but he meets the other three boys by the school entrance, and he also notices that each one of them has the same gift given by Ms. …

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