Academic journal article The Byron Journal

Letter to the Editor

Academic journal article The Byron Journal

Letter to the Editor

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The Editor,

The Byron Journal

12 February 2013

Dear Jonathon,

I write to say how much I enjoyed reading Bernard Beatty's article 'The Byron Journal at Forty' (40.2, pp. 103-13). Having read most of the contents of the journal from its first issue in 1973 to the present day I thought it summed up those years splendidly. As a non-academic I endorse what he had to say. I was especially pleased to read his comments on Elma Dangerfield and I thought that Bernard chose his words very well.

I met Elma many times over those past forty years and certainly she could appear intimidating to anyone that she did not know. Elma was one of those persons who chose to go on the offensive when dealing with someone for the first time - as if to test their mettle! If you withstood this initial onslaught, and sadly many did not, then you could enjoy a much more cordial relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

I talked to her a number of times, especially around 1988 when we formed The Newstead Abbey Byron Society and these talks were conducted in a positive and friendly manner. You could not, however, take her compliance for granted and she would home in, with vigour, on any point which you had not thought particularly important. This was her way and sometimes it bore fruit and sometimes it had the opposite effect. However, I can say that she succeeded in her efforts and I admired her tenacity. …

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