Academic journal article Journal of Economic and Social Studies

The Effect of Job Security on the Perception of External Motivational Tools: A Study in Hotel Businesses

Academic journal article Journal of Economic and Social Studies

The Effect of Job Security on the Perception of External Motivational Tools: A Study in Hotel Businesses

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In today's world, targets of organizations can be reached only if the employees brought together for a certain purpose do their job willingly and voluntarily. Unless a process which retains employees from doing their job or makes them unwilling for their job occurs, organizational targets can be reached without a deviation. On the other hand, it is not right to expect the employees to realize the same job performance like a programmed machine all the time. Since individuals are social beings, their needs and expectations change in course of time and when these expectations are not met, negative attitudes can also be reflected in their job performance. Therefore organizations need some internal and external means of interference in order to change the attitudes of the employees according to their targets. Determining the right means requires analyzing employees well and identifying the primary needs correctly. Because there is a direct relationship between the effect of selected tools of motivation and employee expectations, and only a correctly selected means of motivation can satisfy employees, and eventually satisfied employees willing to do their jobs will use their talents in their workplaces, which will pave the way for realizing organizational targets.

This study, which has been done on the employees of 4 and 5-star hotels in Turkey, aims at measuring the effect of job security on the perception levels of external motivational tools effective on the job motivation of employees. It is out of the question that employees' anxiety of losing their jobs will increase at the times of economic instability business world encounters. In this kind of a situation, it is thought that job security is one of the most effective factors on job motivation due to its eliminating employee's future anxiety. Job motivation and job security are issues both of which are related to working. This suggests that there is a meaningful relationship between employees' perception level of job security and effectiveness of other motivational tools on the employee. This study analyzes validity of this hypothesis by considering a certain number of external factors of motivation involved in the research.

Relationship between Job Security and Motivation

Today unemployment is an important problem almost every country suffers from. Although the reasons may show variety, job security seems to be in decrease in every part of the world. The most prominent reasons for decreasing job security can be cited as technology, internationalization of capital, demographic change and government policies (Smith, 1999, p. 196-198). From this aspect, today's business world is experiencing a difficult period in terms of both employees and employers. Job security, which is crucial for an employee in terms of keeping his or her job or finding a new job, is also important for the employers since it enables them to keep their employees or find new ones.

Therefore, employers should be sensitive about the motivation of their employees under any circumstances for the interest of their organizations (Çeltek, 2004, p. 8). Because employees are not machines running on physical power but social beings thinking, feeling and being affected by their environment. For this reason, trying to understand employees can make them feel valued and inspire them to work harder on the quality of their work.

Factors motivating employees can occur in various forms. In fact, job security is one of the most influential means of motivating employees particularly in times of economic downturn. Employees' belief that they will not lose their jobs or they will be employed in the same organization as long as they want is a significant reason for motivation. Therefore, job security is one of the most significant variables of employee satisfaction which expresses the general attitude of the employee towards his/her job (Bakan and Büyükbese, 2004, p. 35).

Job security plays an important role in both social and working life because it helps individuals do not worry about their future, contributes to maintaining labor peace, increasing organizations' productivity and protecting social balance and values. …

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