Academic journal article Anarchist Studies

This Is Not a Program

Academic journal article Anarchist Studies

This Is Not a Program

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Tiqqun, 777/s Is Not a Program Cambridge: MIT Press/Semiotext(e), 2011, 200pp. ISBN 978-1-58435-097-2

Tiqqun was a French journal published in 1999-2001. Part of the French Autonome movement, it also engages with the Italian Autonomist tradition (Negri, Tronti...). Ibis Is Not a Program refers to Deleuze and Guattari, to Foucault, Heidegger and Debord. The book is composed of two sections ("This Is Not a Program' and 'As a Science of Apparatuses'). Each section contains short chapters illustrated with a photograph, according to an aesthetic device invented by the Surrealists (for instance in Breton's Nadja). This review will endeavour to summarise the main points of this book before providing a discussion of some themes.

First, Tiqqun refutes Marxist class analysis:

To continue the struggle today, we will have to scrap the notion of class and with it the whole entourage of certified origins, reassuring sociologisms, identity prostheses. The notion of class is only good for holding like a little bedpan the neuroses, separation, and perpetual recrimination in which They have taken such morbid delight in France, in every segment of society, for such a long time. Historical conflict no longer opposes two massive molar heaps, two classes - the exploited and the exploiters, the dominant and dominated, managers and workers - among which, in each individual case, one could differentiate. The front line no longer cuts through the middle of society; it now runs through the middle of each of us, between what makes us a citizen, our predicates, and all the rest. It is thus in each of us that war is being waged between imperial socialization and that which already eludes it (p. 12).

In effect, Tiqqun affirms that domination and control are produced through apparatuses of power/knowledge which capture our subjectivity. Consequently, domination is not based on economic exploitation but rather in the political domain:

THE POLITICAL NOW DOMINATES THE ECONOMIC. What is ultimately at stake is no longer the extraction of surplus value, but Control. Now the level of surplus value extracted solely indicates the level of Control, which is the local condition of extraction. Capital is no longer but a means to generalized control (p. 155).

In order to resist this political domination, Tiqqun asserts that it is necessary to construct a political activity within an immanent process: 'We have called this plane of consistency the Imaginary Party' (p. …

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