Academic journal article International Review of Management and Business Research

Impact of Teacher Turn over on Students Motivation, Psyche and Performance

Academic journal article International Review of Management and Business Research

Impact of Teacher Turn over on Students Motivation, Psyche and Performance

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Human Resource Management is now seen with greater importance as it provides solutions to the organizations with issues concerned with employees. When we talk about the developing countries, so education plays an important role in grooming nations. Whatever the sector is, employees' issues have to be taken care of accordingly. According to the study by Arnold and Feldman (1982) education sector is one of the most important sectors functioning in any country. There are many public and private universities, which provide the education, but very few try their best to provide the quality education.

Student's attachment with the teacher is of great concern for both management and faculty as the students perform well; both of them are benefited, the management gets the good result overall while faculty is positively appraised as per students' performance. In late 1990s, the common resignation percentage was higher than 2.5% in different countries like South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.

As the employees leave any organization it might have some effects on the organization, as finding the right people might not be easy and induction and training cost of new employees can also go high. Even if we talk about the higher educational institutes, so employee turnover is a severe issue and the cost is very high when new staffis inducted because employees with greater competency level and knowledge are the important assets and are not easy to find, which effects the academic and research activities of any organization going through the problem of turnover. Quitting during the semester has a high impact as it is difficult for universities to arrange the replacement having the same or higher competencies and for students to adjust with the new teacher and his teaching methodology. Employee's turnover is an extensively studied fact due its severe nature, which needs to be addressed. Due to sudden teacher's turnover the students do suffer psychologically while their motivation and performance decreases. According to Beavis (2003) if we consider the span of argument that revolves around incentive programs based on performances of the employees, there is lack of supporting evidence measuring its effects on the employees. The following Table shows the possible effects of performance based incentive programs on different people working within an educational institute.

Below table suggests that performance based incentives have effects on the different elements of the institute but if we take it from teachers point of view then it clears one thing that if teachers are not rewarded, in other words if they are not motivated so they leave and how it effects the institute can be seen in the above table. Specifically if we look at the student section, we can see that it affects the student's performance, motivation as they start skipping classes and thirdly they are affected psychologically as they decide to drop-out. Furthermore, it is estimated that teacher absentees in each 10 days decreases student's performance by 3.3% of standard deviation (Miller, Murrance and Willett 2007).

A lot of hypothetical and observed literature has highlighted different factors responsible for employee's reason for leaving an organization. Still there is no sensible and justifiable reason that why employees leave the workplace (Ongori 2007). If we specify, this paper would consider the education sector, which is the source of producing the best for the country who then help in growth of economy with their abilities, skills and knowledge. Much work has been done on employees' turnover, especially teachers' turnover but unfortunately only one side is shown. This research will explore the key problem areas that effect the students in the institutes facing the problem of high teacher's turnover and provide recommendations to university on how to retain and motivate the existing teachers and by doing this how it can be of help to the students? …

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