Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

New Knowledge Management System for Better Knowledge and Information Services in University Libraries

Academic journal article Cross - Cultural Communication

New Knowledge Management System for Better Knowledge and Information Services in University Libraries

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This paper discusses the characteristics of the knowledge management of university libraries and how to use knowledge resources for knowledge management so as to prove that knowledge management is the platform for building level communication system of colleges and universities.

Key words: Knowledge management; Knowledge resource; Level communication


It is stipulated in the 5th rule of the higher education law of the People's Republic of China (PRC) that the task of higher education is to cultivate higher specialized talents with innovative spirit and practice ability, to develop science-technology culture and to promote socialist modernization construction. Among the eight main abilities of practitioners made by training technical guidance center of the ministry of labor and social security of China, "information processing''' is one of the core competences (Luo, 2003). The university library shoulders the task of training information idea and information consciousness of students, shoulders the important task of cultivating college students' entrepreneurial competence. Meanwhile, as one of the three pillars of school-running, the university library is both the center of literature information and base of the quality education. For university library, how to seize the opportunity of entrepreneurial education to develop itself, how to give full play to its own advantages and functions, quicken the construction of it and enhance adaptive ability actively for the entrepreneurship education, is a new topic which university library is facing in the economic development and information age, and worth discussing for us.


The university library is the main place for college students to learn knowledge, read and accept all kinds of new things extracurricular. This is because the library is an important storage and source place for knowledge and information. It shoulders functions of the information collection, sorting, transfer, development and utilization, and has advantaged superiorities of resources, technology, environment and personnel for entrepreneurial education. Especially, the vast literature information of library contains numerous disciplines and broad areas of the knowledge and technology in the field of entrepreneurship education. It gathers abundant information resources in forms of paper, audio and video, digital, etc. shows the university students a broad, orderly knowledge base, and provides modern retrieval tools including network retrieval where computers are media. In the library, university students can relatively freely use different types of literatures with different carriers collected here and accept the services provided by the library. In addition, through the direction or with the help of librarians, they can develop abilities of collecting data and retrieval, identification and use of information independently. In this case, compared to the classroom, on the one hand, it effectively makes up for the inadequacy of classroom resources for college students, improves their reading and self-study abilities and gives play to their initiative, flexibility and selectivity. On the other hand, it promotes the development of their personality and enhances their abilities of self education and lifelong learning.


University library should take its advantages to help college students accumulate knowledge and inspire their entrepreneurial sense. To cultivate entrepreneurial sense of college students, entrepreneurial atmosphere should be built, entrepreneurial courses should be opened, entrepreneurial activities should be developed and the entrepreneurial education should be propagandized (Chen, 2009). For entrepreneurial education, in particular, consciously guiding the students to experience entrepreneurial education related content effectively is necessary, such as helping students use some time to experience entrepreneurship and hold various types of competitions about business plan. …

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