Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Study on Environmental Impact Assessment of Technological Transformation Project of X Corporation

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Study on Environmental Impact Assessment of Technological Transformation Project of X Corporation

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China is the world first country to produce cement. It is necessary for concrete construction project to implement environmental impact assessment according to national legal requirements. Applying the theory of the environmental impact assessment and environmental impact laws and regulations ,based on engineering analysis and environmental status investigation and evaluation, the paper studies on environmental impact assessment about technological transformation project of X Corporation and analysis and forecast the extent and scope of the environmental impact on the area where the technological transformation project is located, to put forward possible preventive measures and mitigation measures in order to minimize the adverse impact which provides the scientific basis for environmental management department decision-making. The ultimate goal is to implement sustainable development strategies and comprehensive utilization of resources.

Keywords: environmental impact assessment, technological transformation project, clean production

1. Introduction

The environmental impact assessment is an important part of project evaluation system that refers to environmental impact analysis, forecasting and assessment the likely environmental impact of the planned and implementation of construction projects, and put forward policies and measures to prevent or mitigate adverse environmental impacts.

In 1969, the United States first proposed the concept of environmental impact assessment and formulated "National Environmental Policy Act". Subsequently, Japan, Canada, UK, Sweden, Macao, Japan and Asia, France, also began to practise. Since the late 1970s, China implemented environmental impact assessment systems which enacted "Environmental Protection Law" in 1979 that required new construction, renovation and expansion project must be made an environmental impact report. In 2002, China promulgated the "People's Republic Environmental Impact Assessment Law" which stipulated that the environmental impact assessment to forecast and assess environmental impact of implementation of the planning and construction projects, in order to prevent or mitigate adverse environmental impacts and bring forward policies and measures.

1.1 Project Overview

X corporation was founded in 2005, and in that year and the next year was in operation for two 4000t / d new dry process cement clinker production line, and in 2006 and 2007, constructed pure low temperature waste heat power station of 2 χ 6.5MW. After the power station put into operation, because the production line imported analyser using CBX distribution raw ingredients online from the United States ,and rotary kiln using coal burner of 5000t / d and the transformation of the kiln end system, the rotary kiln production increased, resulting in much waste heat from exhaust gas has not been fully utilized. Considering the status quo of the existing new dry process cement kiln of 2 χ 4000t /d and pure low temperature waste heat power generation of 2 χ 6.5MW supported, X corporation plans to make further use of waste heat of the head and the end of kiln of the cement clinker production line, and plans to invest 27.64 million Yuan to implement technical reconstruction and build the new set of waste heat generator of 6.5MW to implement technological transformation of the waste heat power generation project of 6.5MW. Annual design capacity of the project is 51.48 million electricity kWh, and supply the cement plant electricity 47,876,000 kWh.

1.2 The Original Pollutions Project-Related

This project is technological transformation project of 6.5MW of the pure low temperature waste heat power generation, so the main environmental issues are the original pollutions related to the project and the existing environmental pollution of the waste heat power generation system.

After the second phase project expansion, the combination of cement kiln waste heat resources, X corporation will use the waste heat power generation technology production line and use installed program of two sets of 6. …

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