Academic journal article Making Connections

Free and Still Rising

Academic journal article Making Connections

Free and Still Rising

Article excerpt

In the kingdom of Freedom

There are twelve steps to recovery

And I'm always four steps away

From self discovery

An inner self that eludes me

A me that would set me free

Like the Colorado before Hoover

Free range chicken free... free

Like static electricity

In the kingdom of Freedom

I am George Jackson free

Eldridge Cleaver free,

Angela Davis free

Asada Shakur free

As long as I don't say a whit

About the Panther Party

Or jeopardize Homeland Security


Still rising

From the soporific stupor

Of mental slavery

Still rising

From the miasmic morass

Of social inequity

In the land of dreams

I am fifty acre lawn free

Gotta have a Hummer free

Inner city drug free, thug free

Platinum grill free

Abandon my three baby momma free

Slave to my wick free

Respected pedophile free

(Forgive me father you have sinned)

In the land of Technicolor dreams

I am living on radioactive reservations free

Sweat-shop free economy Haitian-Laotian


Migrant worker bent back tied to a basket

I will never eat from free (Oh the things NAFTA

has done for me)

Oil robber barons who will never do time,


Take back Iraq, fifty-first state

In the land of the free


Still rising

Like the bile in my throat

Still rising

Trying hard not to choke

On the illusions of freedom

And equal opportunity

So. …

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