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The Analysis of Solar Energy System to Eliminate the Existing Load-Shedding Problem in Bangladesh

Academic journal article American Academic & Scholarly Research Journal

The Analysis of Solar Energy System to Eliminate the Existing Load-Shedding Problem in Bangladesh

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Abstract. This paper presents the analysis of solar energy & electricity generation system from solar energy in Bangladesh. The solar energy can optimize the present electricity shortage in the country. Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. The sunlight is incident on the solar panels and then the electric current continues to flow. This energy is stored into charging battery with the help of charge controller. The DC power comes from the battery is converted into AC power with the help of Inverter circuit. Finally, the AC output power is delivered to the Load. The system described by this paper is essential to neutralize the current Load-shedding problem in Bangladesh & ensure the continuity of supply among peoples.

Keywords: Bangladesh, Electricity generation. Load Shedding, Solar energy. Renewable energy


Energy is the part and parcel of our life. Life is unimaginable without energy [1] [2] [15], There will be no life after the extinction of energy. We make good use of energy. It is everywhere around us and in us. There is not only one type of energy. There is heat, electricity, light. Energy is stored in our bodies. The energy present in the molecules of carbohydrates, proteins and other substances enable us to breathe, move, grow, think, speak and live. In working, playing and doing anything even sleeping need energy.

Human beings are living on this planet from billions of years. They have suffered to make their lives easier. The humankind has invented millions of appliances and machines to make the lifetime easier and comforting. Some of these machines make use of electricity to fulfill our needs where others use fuel to fulfill the task. Heat and electricity are the most common forms of energy. The moving particles in any substance generate heat. The warmth depends on the movement of the particles. The movement of electrons in a conductor like copper electric wire creates electricity. Besides heat and electricity there are also a number of other energies that we are making use of. Energy can be divided in two basic types [3] :



The non-renewable forms of energy are the one who exhaust on exploitation, for example natural gas, oil, radioactive elements, coal, etc. the renewable energy is replaceable. The supply is never ending. The energy is extracted from the natural sources in natural manner without spoiling the natural flow. The renewable energy comes from the sun rays, water, wind and many other natural resources. By the virtue of collectors, designed for the purpose, we can store energy from these resources and utilize them for our specific purpose. Such supply of energy will continue to serve us unless or until water (oceans) is flowing, sun is blazing, wind is blowing and trees are growing.

Sun is providing us with extensive amount of energy from the very first day of its dawn. Sun provides us with heat, light. X-ray and radio waves [4] [5], There are collectors and modules to collect the sun energy and to convert it into different usable forms of energies. Solar energy is a brilliant source of most popular forms of energies that is heat and electricity. For remote use of energy, solar power is getting popularity like agriculture applications such as pasture management and irrigation, tropical states that are detached from electricity grid, for heating swimming pools, telecommunication towers and much more.

The sun light casting upon water and earth cause the air to move above at getting warm, that gives wind which has been one of the best sources of energy from ages [6], Initially wind was used for carrying ships, grinding grains, pumping water and much more. Today wind is one of the cleanest and renewable sources of energy [7], Biomass is composed of different forms of energy. Biomass refers to straw, wood, biological waste products, etc. in energy industry as they contain abundant energy. …

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