Academic journal article Management Review : An International Journal

The Efficacy of Applying the Quality Measure of Health Service on the External Patient Satisfaction

Academic journal article Management Review : An International Journal

The Efficacy of Applying the Quality Measure of Health Service on the External Patient Satisfaction

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The research aims at finding the relationship between the variables of the quality of service measure on external client (the patient) satisfaction which are quality of health service, the quality of health care, the quality of the services and measuring the variables of the quality of service which are reliable, quick response, safety and empathy and facilitations and satisfaction supportive an external client (the patient). And also aims at determining the differences between different curative sections regarding the external client (the patient) satisfaction. The researcher conducted a pilot study with 50 individuals of service recipients which showed shortage in the quality of service provided in health insurance hospitals and a gap between the expectations of external client (the patient) and the recevied service. The research community is the service recipients, (patients), of the different curative sections, in the hospitals. The sample size is(400).The results of the research show that there is an effect of the quality service dimensions on external client (the patient) satisfaction, and there are significant relationships between the quality of services dimensions and the variables of external client (the patient) satisfaction , the study recommends giving proper attention to the efficiency of health service in the hospitals under this study.

Keywords: quality of service, Health Service quality Measure, external client (the patient) satisfaction.


That health and education form the basis of the Renaissance and the civilization of any nation, Thus interest in satisfaction of patients for services hospitals health insurance in Egypt try to focus on the negative aspects of health insurance, there is nobody that have satisfaction of health insurance services, and though it is the first one who took into consideration the quality of performance of hospital services , and it made in the eighties preparation of evidence in the fields in order to improve the performance of doctors and to improve the information system for the purposes of educational and economic purposes but it did not apply the integrated program in this field.

And in 1993 the Ministry of health did a project to improve the services in hospitals through the preparation of evidence of work and standard procedures in the fields of hospital health insurance. And there are many challenges facing quality improvement programs in hospitals health insurance in Egypt in the light of cultures administrative inherited across generations. In year 2008/2009 the health insurance organization did monitor and provide health care in schools to reduce diseases spread and create a variable impression to parents of students in schools. The organization has developed over the past three years its services and if development still does not meet the expectations of patients then it requires the researcher doing research.

The current study focuses on the effectiveness of the application of a measure of the quality of service to external customer satisfaction (patients), by studying variables measure the quality of service on customer satisfaction (Patients) for the quality of the health service with the medical team, and the quality of health care with the nursing staff, and the quality of services and facilities (Parasurnan,1988): Reliability, speed of response, safety, empathy with customers, supporting facilities.


The concept of the service quality factors was presented as follows' (Johnson et .al, (2005): organizing the idea of service, which is the way implemented through work suggestions. The service experience: the way by which a client receives the offered services and interacts with it and facilitations associated with it. The service outcome: the result that the client (patient) benefits of the service offered. The service operation: The way and the style by which the service is presented. …

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