Academic journal article Journal of Education and Learning

Practical Teaching & Learning Model: A Modern Dimension for Business Management Schools

Academic journal article Journal of Education and Learning

Practical Teaching & Learning Model: A Modern Dimension for Business Management Schools

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Purpose: The purpose of this research is to evaluate and investigate the most suitable model required for teaching business Management curriculum. The paper will report a new dimension of Business Management Teaching. For this purpose, a Practical teaching & Learning Model has been prepared and will be discussed through qualitative research approach. The research proposed a model for Practical Teaching named PTLM (Practical Teaching & Learning Model). The model explains the ways for Business Management Faculty & Students in order to learn more during studies.

Research Design: The study reports on a practical qualitative case study limited to business management domain. The choice of this approach was convenient & suitable.

Practical implications: The practical implication of this study is to identify the parameters of Business Management Teaching mentioned in the proposed model named PTML. The paper is academic based on practical case study approach and will benefit students, teachers, researchers and corporate trainers from business management fields.

Keywords: business management teaching, business management students, practical & learning applications

1. Introduction

There has been a gap between Teaching & Practical Teaching since business education evolved long time ago. Some people focused on just teaching through books, some maintained just experiential approach while other maintained both of them but uniformity was always missing. This research has found the gap through the proposed model which will not only fill the gap but also provide a proven method for a real business management environment. This research paper has analyzed different methods of teaching & learning and found that most of the models are incomplete or difficult to adopt. The purpose of this is to present a model which is easy to adopt, possess required elements of practicality and compatible for both teachers and students. Business management Education is a platform that prepares people to help corporations towards success. This also helps people to learn professional skills required for today's corporate managers. This research will identify the factors which must be included while teaching management sciences to make management sciences through real managerial exposure which is required for such practical studies.

Teaching Business Management has always been in discussion specially what kind of method should be followed, the method which may ensure a learning. Business teaching becomes practical when it is delivered and learned through practical participation from both teacher and students. Technically, the purpose of business education is to prepare students to solve company's problems. This can be achieved when some situations occurred in the past and teachers record this in understandable format for the students and students may do the same on their own analysis. Students must be evaluated by any of the leadership in the university. This ensures that students are capable enough to handle situation. This is achieved through different projects, role playing and defense of the projects. Students must be participant in all activities specially the type of comparative management and Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) Model styles which give students a sense of understanding at macro level. This definitely enhances the leadership capability. Just teaching in class room will never ensure to prepare students at 360 levels. Just being teacher will also not prepare a faculty to be a good corporate style institutes. This is possible through various forces of development. The regular feature of conferences, workshops and symposiums will enhance such capabilities of students and teachers.

2. Business Management Teaching

* Teaching by way of case studies

* Evaluating Students by way of managerial & leadership styles

Achieving intellectual capability and committed behavior of faculty is possible through four above points mentioned on business management side in the model. …

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