Academic journal article Ife Psychologia

Acting Skill; a Panacea to Stress Management Technique

Academic journal article Ife Psychologia

Acting Skill; a Panacea to Stress Management Technique

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Performance theories have streamlined the practicality of theatre through various approaches that are man and environment centred. Acting as a discipline of this vibrant social media has been an indispensable composite art, a thespian craft which reappraises the role of theatre and film of the dramatic genre as a social media. The skill of acting as a performative art, its technique as an interpretative artistic genre and most importantly its therapeutic influence as a panacea for stress reduction strategy is the main focus of this study.The theoretical influence of Stanislavsky on the skill of acting is the theme and the effect through practice is the recommendation.


Acting is cognitically deduced as the art of acting out "poetic compositions and the playwright vision" according to Aristotle. Like all other discipline of the theatre i.e music and dance to create spectacle, acting has been a composite art of creative, interpretative and performative arts. Performance theories, techniques, observation and empirical knowledge reiterate the indispensability of skills acquired through training in the effectiveness of good acting. Yet acting skills cannot be acquired without proper training through basic physical, speech and creative exercises under a professional acting coach. The focus of this study is on the exercises which are not only provided for good acting and effective communication, but most importantly as it generates clinical, mental and psychotherapeautic effect in stress and post traumatic stress disorder. The study will define key words, the theoretical framework and the application of these theories in analysis. It will also provide suggestions and recommendations for stakeholders who will be the ultimate beneficiary.

Over the years, drama and theatre have been known and reiterated as the most social of all arts and the humanities. The reason is hinged on its unique social function, i.e. impartation, education, enlightenment, provocation, and entertainments through impressions. Theatre is also regarded as the most social media since the consummate audience is the immediate society. This is possible due to its audio visual nature in impartation and impression. Theatre is majorly composed of music, dance and drama with spectacle. While songs are synonymous with music and associated with dance, so is acting with drama. Green (1994; 103) agrees that "Aristotle used the word ' drama' to describe poetic composition that were ' acted' in front of audiences" .The play text does not live unless it is acted on stage or the screen.



Attempts have been made severally on the meaning or definition of acting, especially in dramatic and theatrical circles. Hoffman (2008-8) describes it as" believing," truth telling" pretending, he quotes

"My friend Quinn Redekker, actor and Oscar nominated screen writer (The dear hunter), calls writing and acting "emotion and architecture" or behaving truthfully in imaginary circumstances:"

Hoffman, after an experience summed it up as this, "Acting is disciplined truthful behaviour in contrived situations" Hameed (2010:34) quoted Branson Howard, American first professional playwright "The art of acting is the art of seeming to move, speak and appear on stage as the character assumes, moves, speaks and appears in real life under the circumstances indicated in the play" The dictionary puts it simply as"the activity or profession of performing in plays, films, movies e.t.c."

This incidental definition summed it up as a craft of impersonation. It is a craft because it is studied and practiced. It is an art when it is mastered. The combination of acting as a craft and as an art develops into its skill. Acting as a discipline can only be mastered through its skill, talent being a catalyst, and passion is its drive.


The dictionary simplifies skill as"the ability to do well". It is the components of good and matured acting. …

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