Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

A Public Service-Oriented Government Building Path in Chinese City: An Example from Public Rental Housing of Chongqing

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

A Public Service-Oriented Government Building Path in Chinese City: An Example from Public Rental Housing of Chongqing

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A public service-oriented government has become the core purpose of Chinese municipal government's reform, central and local government has tried many times to explore, but effective paths are still in short. Chongqing City puts forward to improving the local livelihood of the people and providing public products and services to construct a public service-oriented government. Public rental room as a people's livelihood of common goods to deal with marketing failures, not only eases the housing difficulties of vulnerable land ,but for the construction of the Chinese city public service-oriented government from top design, the governance structure, supporting systems will produce strong demonstrating effect.

Key words: The city public service-oriented government; Path; Public rental housing; Chongqing


The public service-oriented government was proposed by academic circles and put into practice by the Chinese local government, then adopted and popularized by the central government in the whole China. The public serviceoriented government insists on citizen and social standard, emphasizes core value position in social governance of public service and the government's public service function. The public service-oriented government's construction is achieved through the provision of public goods and public services, is to completely change the economic development administration. Constructing the public service government has become the core objective of the reform of Chinese government under the background of economic globalization, but also to optimize the path choice of government's mode of transformation. Up to now, the effective path of building is scarce in reality; it is hard to really push the overall improvement. The Chinese government clearly puts forward to build the public service type government and efforts to improve people's livelihood. Based on this toplevel design, the government offers the public products to make up for the market failure, and ensure the housing rights of the poor-the public rental housing, which is the indemnificatory housing that was invested and supported by the government, limits areas and rent standards provides for the family that matches the condition. The city government guards the planning and construction, financing, operation and management, using supervision of all-round promotion of the public housing project. City public service government from the top-level design is to support system of governance structure and to form a complete system construction. Chinese municipal government is hard to serve the local people's livelihood, to promote the construction of public rental housing as a breakthrough point to promote the public service type government construction, constructing the new experience of public service type government according to provision of public products and services.

In the past 100 years, the public service government has been studied in-depth by the domestic and foreign policy makers, scholars and experts. Foreign public service type government construction has undergone four periods. The latter half of the nineteenth Century is the limited public service period, government provided labor and social security, social relief, it was limited government theory; the late 20's and early 30's of twentieth Century is the public service development and perfecting period, and is attributed to the theory of government intervention; Emerging in fortieth Century, expanding the influence to solve the public choice theory and the government failure problem at the end of 60's; nineteen seventies, using mercerization and socialization to reform public service, the new public management theory occurred, that is governance and good governance theory, new public service theory. The foreign academics did not explicitly put forward the concept of "service-oriented government", but the correlate theory is very rich. The first relates to the service type government paper came from Germany administrative scholar, and he was the first to put forward the concept of "service administration" in his book As the main service administration (Ernst Forsthoff, 1938). …

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