Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

College Students' Occupation Competence

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

College Students' Occupation Competence

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By reviewing relevant theories, the competency evaluation model is applied to construct the system of College Students' occupation ability analysis. It constructs a competence evaluation index system for higher school undergraduate occupation, and has analyzed the problem of our country university students' difficulty in the employment from the perspective of professional competence .This article acquired the effective samples from the graduates through the behavioral event interview method, while for the college students adopt the method of questionnaire, and collect the relevant data of the condition of students' occupation competence, through scientific analysis, finally established the basic framework of the competency model .Make an objective evaluation of the result of the analysis from the awareness, knowledge, ability, attitude four aspects using the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, and find out the shortage of the competency, in illustration to the shortage, we ensure the formation of college students' occupation competency from the aspect of higher school teaching reform's consummation. This has certain practical guiding significance of improving the quality of university students' employment from providing a ladder incremental evaluation system of the cultivation of the college students' employment ability.

Key words: Employment of undergraduates; The characteristics of competencies; The model of competency; Training of professional talents

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In recent years,the employment situation of university graduates in China is becoming more and more severe, University students' employment difficult has many subjective and objective factors, such as structural contradiction is prominent, the oversupply of labor etc., but *e deePer reason lies in if level of c°Uege student's ability meet the needs of employers or not The employment of college students is with not only absoluteness but also relativity. Absoluteness is a reflation of the lack of employment opportunities, while relativity reflects that the college students do not have ^ ability t0 competent for jobs (Yang & Zheng, 2012) Relativity shows that students cannot simply rely on some specific knowledge or skills to achieve success in employment, for competency abilities with more imitable, flexible are essential. For this, some of the foreign s0110!1® Hke McClelland analyses questions in personnel measurement and selection mechanism, advocate using competency assessment to replace the traditional academic achievement and aptitude test, which offer one foundation of the birth of competency theory (McClelland, 1973). Competency is called "excellent genes of organization development " competency model is a good tool and approach to solve the problems above. At present, the competency model has gradually become the advanced managing tool to help enterprises improve the staff selection, training, promotion and so on. From all this time, research and application of domestic competency theories in the college students employment ability system, and has not yet formed a perfect and scientific research system, and its actual operation and guidance is not sufficient (Zhao, 2006). This paper attempts to explore the forming factors and evaluation system of College Students' competency model of occupation, construct the competency model of College Students' employment ability, further to designs a guarantee mechanism connected with several key competency characteristics, and then put forward the security mechanism of the competency model through analysis.


1.1 The Definition of Competency

The concept of competency is put forward by Robert White in 1959. And in 1973, David McClelland published the paper called (measurement of competency rather than intelligence» , proposing that use measurement of competency instead of traditional intelligence test. …

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