Academic journal article Review of Business & Finance Studies

A Study of Sustainable Behaviors among California Hispanics regarding Transportation

Academic journal article Review of Business & Finance Studies

A Study of Sustainable Behaviors among California Hispanics regarding Transportation

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Hispanics represent a significant and growing population segment in the United States (56% of all population growth, and California represents the largest percentage of Hispanics (37%). This research concentrated on learning more about Hispanics and their sustainable behaviors regarding transportation, both public and private. By studying Hispanic transportation behaviors, marketers can understand their future needs, supplying the products/services through effective promotional media channels. This project allowed researchers to identify behaviors of Hispanics in California regarding green transportation and the media that influences them. The use and purchase patterns of hybrid vehicles were analyzed, as well as the use of car pools and public transportation, current gas mileage (mpg) and media they prefer. It was found that Hispanics drive hybrids slightly less than non-Hispanics. There is a somewhat higher preference for the next purchased car to be a hybrid for Hispanics than for non-Hispanics. In addition, fewer Hispanics use public transportation or a car pool than non-Hispanics. The researchers believe that the conclusions from this exploratory study will help marketers of transportation services in the public and private sectors. Additional research and discussions on Hispanics and sustainable transportation are expected and welcome after this pilot study.

JEL: M-31

KEYWORDS: Sustainable Transportation, Hybrid Vehicles, Hispanic Marketing, Sustainable Behavior, Green Transportation, Marketing Strategies, Shared Transportation, Green Advertising, MPG, Eco-Friendly


This paper examines the behaviors of Hispanics vs. non-Hispanics in California regarding some specific transportation issues related to environmental sustainability, to determine preferences and buying propensity for both groups. Given the importance of the Hispanics in terms of growth which accounted for 56% of the total growth in the US, and in population in California of 37%, this study can help marketers understand future needs of this segment and therefore provide crucial information for decision-making. Given the increasing trend in sustainability and environmental issues, the findings are very relevant. Hispanics vs. non-Hispanics personal use of hybrid vehicles, miles per gallon (mpg), and modes of transportation was researched.

Various related articles about this issue were analyzed, but there were mostly related to general behaviors and characteristics of the Hispanic Marketing, i.e., perceptions and cultural differences, influences and decision-making, etc., but nothing specific about the comparison between Hispanics and non-Hispanics regarding the transportation issues were found. This exploratory paper will provide valuable information to marketers and scholars related to the comparison between Hispanic and non-Hispanics about buying hybrid cars, using public transportation, mpg consumption, and media preferences.

Green issues are among the many concerns of the world's population. Hispanics represent a significant and growing part of the US population, and California has been a bell weather state for environmental issues. In studying the behaviors of Hispanics, we learned about three areas of eco-friendly attitudes and behaviors: automobile trends, public transportation usage and media preferences.

The organization of this paper includes a literature review section to incorporate relevant information about these issues from previous research, a data and methodology section describing the data collection process and how the survey was applied, using the convenience sample. A final results section explains the data obtained and the implications for each of the panels, and finally the concluding comments section summarizes the relevancy of the findings as well as future research.


Family, religion, language, and music are important to Hispanics. (Meneses, 2011) Hispanics use products with less attachment to schedules and timeframes, and enjoy the moment. …

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