Academic journal article Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences

Assessing Facilities Management Service in Postgraduate Hostel Using Servqual Technique

Academic journal article Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences

Assessing Facilities Management Service in Postgraduate Hostel Using Servqual Technique

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There is growing concern over the quality of service facilities management firms provide and the perception of customers on service satisfaction for the achievement of overall organizational goal. The study aimed at assessing the facilities management service in Henry Carr postgraduate hall of University of Lagos. A sample of 100 postgraduate students were randomly selected and administered with a 20-item questionnaire design to capture the various service dimensions. The result was analyzed using a Likert-scale type scoring where weights were assigned on the different measurement scales. It was discovered that there is wide gap between student's service expectations and perceived facilities management service offered in the hall with highest expectations being on the assurance dimension. The existing gap need urgent remedy in the area of prompt quality service delivery in order to achieve the cooperate overall goal of the prestigious learning centre in the country and also to harness the objective of encompassing people, process and procedure in outsourcing for customer satisfaction

Keywords: expectation, perception, service quality, facilities management


Traditionally, Facilities management-FM has been regarded as the common task of cleaning, repair and maintenance (IJFM, 2010; Atkin & Brooks, 2000). However, recently FM has been considered beyond this as it is now recognized as encompassing other support services such as catering, security, car fleet services, mail service, reception etc. This change of perception of FM from traditionally routine services of cleaning, repair and maintenance to other support services has been linked to the effect of globalization which resulted into more open market and increased competition among organizations (Hamer, 1994).

Similarly, Shohet (2006) pointed out that Facilities Management has witnessed significant development, mainly due to the following five global trends: (1) increased construction costs, particularly in the public sector; (2) greater recognition of the effect of space on productivity; (3) increased performance requirements by users and owners; (4) contemporary bureaucratic and statutory restrictions that decelerate the procurement of new construction projects; and (5) recognition that the performance of high-rise and complex buildings is highly dependent on their maintenance. Consequently, this development prompted the need for professional Facilities Manager whose responsibility is making strategic and operational facilities planning decisions that affect the organization's performance (Cotts et al., 2009) and at the same time meeting users' need.

University is one of the organizations that provide service to the people. Learning and research are the core activities of any university irrespective of being private or public. However, the presence of support services such as recreational facilities, accommodation, medical services, security etc to both students and staff are essential towards the realization of the core objective of the university. Quality education is a function of the extent to which students' needs and expectation can be satisfied (Mohamad, 2008). Student satisfaction is often used to assess educational quality, where the ability to address strategic needs is of prime importance (Cheng, 1990). One of the basic needs and expectation of postgraduate students is the availability of a functional serviced accommodation (Abu Bakar and Abu Bakar, 2008). There is a growing concern over quality of service provided in the postgraduate hall of University of Lagos of particular mention is Henry Carr Hall. Facilities management encompasses people, process and procedure for achieving cooperate goal of the institution or organization. The missing link was created by the complaint students advance on the quality of service provided and the claimed service provide by the facilities management organization. Firms are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that their services are customer focused and that continuous performance improvement is being delivered. …

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