Academic journal article African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies : AJCJS

Research Note: Negative Life Events and Aggressive Behavior of Efunsetan Aniwura

Academic journal article African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies : AJCJS

Research Note: Negative Life Events and Aggressive Behavior of Efunsetan Aniwura

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Proofs have emerged in Psychology that people with negative life events can be subjected to various anti-social behaviors, especially ones that are very aggressive and very inimical to the peace and order of the society. This paper examines the negative life events of Madam Efunsetan Aniwura and the consequential effects of such events on her behavior. It traces the history of the woman and examines the negative life events she experienced. The paper diagnoses the effects of her psychological problem on the society and the life end of this woman. Finally, it recommends the thorough examination of other pre-colonial personalities who shared similar life circumstances and using the findings to explain the current behaviours of the people undergoing the same or similar socio-psychological problems.

Keywords: Efunsetan Aniwura, Negative Life Events, Aggressive Behaviour, Psychological Problem, Ibadan.


In the field of Psychology, it has been discovered that negative life events were a general risk factor for anxiety and depression and that cognitive vulnerability for depression interacted with negative life events to predict future depression (Hanklin et al 2004) Individuals with such cognitive vulnerability when experiencing negative life events are likely to become hopeless and that such sense of hopeless will lead to hopelessness depression (Hanklin et al, 2001).

It is recorded historically that Madam Efunsetan Aniwura had some life challenges which cumulated into psychological problems that consequently led to her behaving aggressively to her household and the community at large. These aggressive behaviors eventually made her a dreadful feminine monster in Ibadan history and Yoruba race at large. The negative life events that occurred in her life, and how these negative life events acted as causal factors that contributed to psychological problems in her life would be examined. The wickedness which these psychological problems created made her unforgettable in the history of Ibadan land and Yoruba race at large.


This paper relied on, and made use of historical documentary method in gathering of information. The historical method calls for a study of events, processes, and institutions of past civilization for the purpose of finding the origins or antecedents of contemporary social life and thus, of understanding its nature and workings.

The underlying idea is that our present forms of social life, our customs or ways of living have their roots in the past (Inkeles, 1987).

The historical event research investigates questions concerning the past times. This method is used increasingly by social scientists in Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, and Economics, as well as by many historians (Schutt, 2004). The documentary information on the life of Madam Efunsetan Aniwura were gathered and subjected to content analyses, to bring out the negative life events which engineered her aggressive behaviors that portrayed her as a wicked monster in the history of Ibadan land.


Efunsetan Aniwura, the Iyalode of Ibadan (Minister of women affairs) was a woman of Egba ancestry who migrated to Ibadan (Ilesanmi, 2010; Osewa, 2005). She had hundreds of slaves on her farms with many others at home (Osewa, 2005). Oral evidence reveals that she had three large farms in each of which no less than 100 slaves worked (Ilesanmi, 2010) Efunsetan Aniwura was a notable woman entrepreneur (Olukoju, 2010) She was involved in trading with Europeans, taking goods from the hinterland to the coast and bringing imported goods; especially arms and ammunition back to the hinterland. She was a big- time farmer and producer of food crops in Ibadan. At a stage in her life she rose to wealth and fame and was ranked among the social, economic and political elite in city (Osewa, 2005)

According to Ilesanmi (2010),|Efunsetan extended credit facilities in the form of ammunition to the various war lords when they were going on their military expeditions in 1872. …

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