Academic journal article The Conradian : the Journal of the Joseph Conrad Society (U.K.)

A Bibliography of Books, Pamphlets, and Broadsides about Joseph Conrad - Part 1: 1910-1979

Academic journal article The Conradian : the Journal of the Joseph Conrad Society (U.K.)

A Bibliography of Books, Pamphlets, and Broadsides about Joseph Conrad - Part 1: 1910-1979

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THIS BIBLIOGRAPHY takes into its purview stand-alone publications on Joseph Conrad written in English (or predominantly in English), including those published privately. Included in the listing below are monographs, pamphlets, biographies, bibliographies, broadsheets, auction catalogues, essay collections, special journal issues devoted to Conrad, general introductions, collections of letters to and from Conrad, reference works, as well as scholarly and critical editions of the writer's work (and revised editions of the above).

Covered here are items published between 1913, when the first standalone work on Conrad appeared, through 2010. In order to keep to a manageable length, articles or chapters in books, are, with two exceptions, not listed. First, Andrzej Busza's "Conrad's Polish Literary Background and Some Illustrations of the Influence of Polish Literature on his Work" has been noted here because of its length (nearly 150 pages) even though it appeared in a journal. Secondly, in the case of books about more than one author, those in which at least a third of the emphasis was on Conrad are included. (Typically, page numbers for chapters in books are not included since often the discussion of Conrad appears not only within an individual chapter or chapters but also intermingled in the introduction, conclusion, and elsewhere.)

In only two cases stand-alone items have been excluded. Left out are study notes for the student market, focusing typically on a single literary work (or occasionally more than one) and containing extended plot summaries (usually chapter-by-chapter), explications, study questions, topics for writing, and so forth. (Cliffs Notes, Monarch Notes, Brodie Notes, York Notes, Max Notes, Bames & Noble Notes, and so on fall into this category, and have been excluded here.) Sometimes a fine line exists between study notes and introductory volumes, but it has been felt that items lacking extensive summaries of the literary work belonged to the category of introductions, whereas those that included such summaries fell into the category of study notes. Also excluded are dissertations and theses because these are unpublished works.1

Just as the relationship between study guides and introductions blurs at times, so too does that between dissertation/theses and monographs. In such cases, it has been felt that if more than merely a few copies of a work were printed or if they were printed elsewhere than at the degreegranting institution, then they are included. Finally, not included here are works referred to in various sources but held in no library and whose existence could not be confidently asserted (for example, J. M. Dent & Sons' pamphlet, Joseph Conrad Centenary, 3rd December 1857-1957, James W. Thirsk's Joseph Conrad, 1857-1924: A Centenary Book-List, and Dario Gazzoni's The Sea Novels of Josef Conrad).

Entries are divided by decade and then arranged according to category (commentaries, biographies, bibliographies, critical/scholarly editions, introductory works, and so on). In the case where a work belongs to more than one category - for example, G. Jean-Aubry's Joseph Conrad: Life <& Detters - it has been placed in that in which it appears to have had the greatest use.



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