A Drama Textbook with Sociodrama Method (Research and Development in English Education Study Program, Teacher Training and Education Faculty in Central Java, Indonesia)

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This research was aimed to determine: (1) the quality of drama textbook which is used in Study Program of English Education in Private Universities in Central Java; (2) how the development of drama textbook with sociodrama method; (3) the effectiveness of drama textbook with sociodrama method which have been developed by sociodrama. This research used Research and Development. It was started by preliminary research for need analysis which is carried out in six Faculties of Teacher Training and Education in Private Universities: the six Faculties of Teacher Training and Education taught drama in the class. Then, it was followed by library study exploration. It was produced preliminary draft or prototype of drama textbook which was later on developed to become a drama textbook. The Development of prototype became a textbook through the expert judgment, preliminary field testing and main field testing. The three of testing was followed by revision. The preliminary field testing was analyzed qualitatively. The main field testing was analyzed by T-test and produced t-obtained = 17,85 > t-tabel 14,19 in t.s.0,01. The effectiveness test of textbook was analyzed by One Way Anava, for comparison of Unisri with Univet, Unwidha, and UMK indicated that the value of F-obtained > F-tabel, that was 235,06; 207,30; and 36,56. So, the textbook was effective compared to the three other textbooks which were used in three Study Program of English Education. It could be concluded that: (1) drama textbooks which was used in Study Program of English Education in Private Universities in Central Java was less up to standard; (2) the development of preliminary draft or prototype became a drama textbook through 3 phases, are: expert judgment, preliminary field testing, and main field testing altogether which was followed by product revision; (3) If it was compared to the textbook which is used in three Private Universities, in fact a drama textbook with sociodrama method was more effective.

Keywords: Private University, Research and Development, Textbook, Drama, Sociodrama Method.

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In a word, it can be told that drama means the artistry branch of be in the form of dialogue which can be performed. As Harymawan (1988:5) stated that drama berarti cabang kesenian berbentuk dialog yang dapat dipentaskan. If we only study drama script, then the study of drama can be enrolled in the parts of language and literary study, but the dialogue in it is only a script which is not alive and living, in consequence completely, drama must be accompanied by performing. Performing a drama is including in the art of acting or the art of theater (Harymawan: 6).

In lecturing of drama, first the lecturer explains about theory and history of drama, the structure of drama script, stage manager, theory of acting, the supply of staging or performing, the artistic element of staging, and the structure of stage (Harymawan: 9). The things must be comprehended for entering the discussion of theoretical and performing the drama. In the stage manager and acting are as possible given training of drama practice, so later on when the students must perform their performance, they will be ready to handle it.

The benefit of teaching drama can be expressed into two kinds, they are theoretical benefit and practical benefit. Theoretical benefits are: (1) It can add knowledge about target language in foreign language study; (2) It can add knowledge about the cultural background of a nation which has the target language in foreign language study; (3) It can comprehend the linguistic patterns in the target language in a certain range of time as according to the time when it was written; (4) It can add the sensitivity of aesthetic feeling in the dialogue; (5) It can train to understand to others character, either in physical, psychical, or sociological. If a drama script which is studied supported by the depth of the theory which is owned by the students, then this benefit, of course, will be able to be reached (Wamadi, 1982: 15). …


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